Posted by: pakshet101 | Thursday, April 27, 2006

at least this dudette has got the balls …


My first post in WordPress as if I'm getting down to business…and sorry too for my "delayed reaction".

It's disgusting to note that this shithole of a leader in that midget Gloria Macapagal-Arrovo is getting evil and evil by the day with their antics that do not really elicit public approval but disdain (amongst themselves, since they'd think that rallies are no longer that effective what with the regime's veiled threat to trample our constitutional rights and freedoms) and the fervent wish that she either step down or be forced out by "extra-constitutional" means (to which I'm really hoping since I don't think she'd just give way unlike Thaksin of Thailand or King Gyanendra of Nepal caving in to the demands of the people).

In other words — sa bawat araw na ginawa ng Diyos, kumakapal lalo ang apog ni Arrovo at ng kanyang barkadahan sa pangunguna ng  kanyang asawang baboy.

But just last weekend, Maria Theresa Pangilinan, that cum laude grad of the Cavite State University (that state university in my home province) was bold enough to stand up for the interests of the common tao.  Excerpts:  (for sure everyone knew what already happened)

"Just a few minutes into the President's speech, the student, Maria Theresa Pangilinan, shouted 'Patalsikin si (Oust) Gloria' while holding up a red banner with the words 'No to Chacha.' A member of the Presidential Security Group and two security guards of the university immediately went to where Pangilinan was sitting and confiscated the banner."

But instead of the usual cheers, she received jeers from the general public, especially those who are blindly supportive of this repressive regime.  Except perhaps from the commentators of the multimedia network ABS-CBN, almost everyone's so cruel to her, the same way society has been cruel to the Batasan 6, Ka Beltran, and the progressives being killed by military agents day by day.  I've been listening to government propaganda outfits (which is what I call my pang-bwisit habit whenever I get to tune in to my antiquated transistor while on the way home from work) which they'd say that they wanted to slap her hard and they won't hire her if she applies for employment (which the municipal government of my hometown already did — on orders of our inept mayor who's an Arrovo ally, he blacklisted her in case she steps in the portals of the town hall and even declared her a persona non grata for what he thinks is "embarassing" for a President)…

Just because she asked for the ouster of an illegal leader in a graduation ceremony, I'm beginning to think that it has become a crime to speak your mind.  What more with a government that up to now doesn't seemingly tolerate dissent (despite the Supreme Court ruling that the Lakas-CMD-initiated edicts Executive Order 464 and Calibrated Pre-emptive Response violate the rights of the people, let alone Article III, Section 4 of the Philippine Constitution):

Section 4. No law shall be passed abridging the freedom of speech, of expression, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances.


Still, this coming from a one-time student activist (and an activist at heart craving for total social change in this God-forsaken country), I have to give it to her, inspite of what the "cruel" society led by the Lakas-CMD-controlled government is doing to her now, by way of a negative backlash.  She has got the balls to fight the repressive power, right in front of her — Tess Pangilinan is the grenade that exploded in front of Arrovo, which left that "leader" illegally occupying the portals of power speechless and confused at that instant.

With she getting the balls, she must have provided us the relief needed from seeing Arrovo's face day by day and hearing all of this BS from the portals of power.

Which must mean that time should also tick that fast for Arrovo and her allies, especially her loyal lapdog Raul Gonzalez.  Time should also tick THAT fast for her illegal and illicit administration which is doing the country no favor but disaster and rape of the country's self-worth.



  1. wow… it took a girl from the province to shout out what the rest of them state university cum laudes in the capital can only whisper…or even think about.

    guess its hard to get a citation if your motto is STP STR.

  2. kaya pala nagtatae si gloria

  3. The catch really is, if someone from the masses would wanna mess with her, she gets tougher and tougher — one word: maangas. I hope she really gets that constipated with the almost-everyday impeach rap filing against her.

    Now that’s enough reason the Lakas-CMD machine must tremble.

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