Posted by: pakshet101 | Tuesday, May 2, 2006

why the heck “pakshet 101” ?

Switching blog addresses, I was forced anew to exercise my creativity in naming my "permanent" home.

And I stumbled upon naming this blog "pakshet".

Why did I think about this? (Just in case you should be wondering why I named this thing after cuss language)

First, for those who really know me closely, I am accustomed with saying the word "pakshet" (a Filipino slang which is a combination of the English cuss words "fuck" and "shit") whenever I'm pissed or anything. Besides, I don't usually direct it to anyone else but myself when I cuss out "pakshet".And I added "101" in it because I am a sucker for discovering something new — well, in college, subjects usually with the code "101" to append the main subject represents the start or beginning.

So much for my new blog name.

Well, you can still view my old entries (as WordPress has not yet created a mechanism in importing older entries from Blogdrive, unlike in Blogspot).

But since my self-imposed "dry run", I'm beginning to say I'm liking this thingy better since it looks more professional in my standards. 😀 Thing is, I have to start reviving my blog addiciton…it's just that I have to prioritize other stuff both at work and in personal life, since I believe there are more important things to be done and prioritized outside of the Net.


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