Posted by: pakshet101 | Thursday, May 4, 2006

another case of bigotry …

A family of Filipino immigrants in Quebec, Canada is now the toast of the headlines in the Filipino community in Canada as well as local message forums here and even radio talk shows in the morning.

But this is no story of achievement. This is a story of a modern-day case of clear bigotry, intolerance, and racism.

Just like the case of this school lunch monitor and his boss, the principal, whose behavior which I would deem as similar to that of the Nazis running concentration camps in the movie Schindler's List

Filipino table etiquette punished at local school

And to add further insult to injury, as if an apparent attempt by the authorities — the principal at that — he made this seemingly-primitive comment to the kid's mom when she made her first step to complain to them about what happened to poor Luc:

Normand Bergeron, school principal: “If your son eats like a pig he has to go to another table because this is the way we do it and how we’re going to do it every time.”

This Bergeron dude is a modern-day bigot in the mold of Hitler and Mussolini. Worse, that coming from a country known for its multiculturalism and democratic values. Much worse coming in an age where tolerance is being practiced nowadays in the globe. I won't be surprised either that in Canada, this happened to Quebec which is also battling problems of its own when it comes to tolerance, but it ain't no excuse.

If that thing happened to me or to a relative, I won't take this sitting down, either. Even if they or some rat's arses would tell me that I should adjust to the new environment. True, to adjust to that environment is no problem with me. However, this is already a case of disrespecting not just the culture of the Cagadocs, but the entire nation as well. This is no different to saying that Filipinos eat dogs or Igorots have devious tails. These racist pigs have no place in society wherever they may be.

This Bergeron dude and his kind deserve to be considered as "pigs". They are the true pigs in the truest sense of the word.


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