Posted by: pakshet101 | Thursday, May 4, 2006

three strikes … you’re PWNED, Arrovo !

Thanks to the Supreme Court, which suddenly went into a pro-people stance by declaring three of the Arrovo regime's major edicts this year (which were actually orchestrated by Lakas-CMD) unconstitutional, albeit just some facets of these: the Executive Order 464, the Calibrated Pre-emptive Response in breaking down rallies, and Presidential Proclamation 1017, which was even described to have "shades of Marcos".

If in baseball, the third strike will force you out of the game, this isn't the case in our God-forsaken country, where the doña and her men become more and more thick-faced by the second they're in power.

At least the High Court is championing the welfare and right of the people, which should never be trampled and taken away by the powerful few who's raping our coffers. And that the Constitution was as well given a degree of respect. especially the Bill Of Rights, as these three Lakas-CMD-initiated edicts all are contrary to what the Constitution espouses.

Despite this "victory", I'm one with the majority of the people who's continuing the cause for calling the IMMEDIATE resignation of that thick-faced modern-day fascist who is extremely unpopular with the people (for me even if the people would say "pinagtitiisan ko na lang sya" is a sign of utmost unpopularity).

Arrovo, tama na po ang pagiging makapal ang muka! Alis dyan!


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