Posted by: pakshet101 | Tuesday, May 9, 2006

off a bad weekend …

Back to work after an uber-short weekend. Short in the sense that I had little time for myself, due to some after-effects of the death anniversary of my mom last Saturday — we had some more visitors last Sunday as well as go back to the memorial part despite the sweltering afternoon heat — as well as that short periods of bed rest (which I hopefuly am gonna get when I go on another sabbatical, God willing it gets approved by my boss who's not really easy to be with becase he's more with the angas people, sometime next week), as well as some fuck-ups especially yesterday. Worse, the Lakers met their end of the season at the hands of the fake MVP and his Suns.

Yet my body i still feeling this low, mainly due to these. Add to that the ongoing situation inside this garage…

Here's to more accumulation of more paid leaves (which I could convert to cash if AND IF I decide to hit the red "Panic" button)!


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