Posted by: pakshet101 | Tuesday, May 9, 2006

the biggest idiot of the nation …

Just yesterday after the Batasan 5 scored their victory yesterday by ending their stay in the so-called “Bahay ni Tenga”, this Arrovo lapdog once again displayed his idiocy (inspite of the Arrovo apologists’ defense that he’s just doing his job, blah blah) by telling reporters that he will arrest them on what are actually spurious charges due to its selectivity.

DOJ Secretary Raul Gonzalez: “ ‘The moment we file the info and an arrest warrant is issued, I don’t think they can benefit from congressional protection,’ he said, sounding irritated, on dzBB radio.

“ ‘They can run but they cannot hide,’ he said.

“ ‘I hope the Batasan 5 go back to the mountains where they belong,’ he added.”


Whatta goofball.

I’m sick — and SO FULL AND SICK already — of whatever’s gooing off the mouth of this shithead for a Cabinet official. Whatever he says, it just proves that he indeed is more stupid than the neighborhood idiot that I know of.

I hope the Lord gets even with him soon enough. I’ll hope too that the Lord will run after him and through his sidekick, that black hooded creature with a long scythe, Gonzalez won’t surely escape Him.

If he dies, I won’t mourn him. I will shout my praises for that, a well-deserved death for a Grade A asswipe. I know this early Hell is eagerly waiting for him.


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