Posted by: pakshet101 | Friday, June 23, 2006

pissed to the highest of heavens.

No thanks to those jack-asses in my environment as well as the crabs lurking in our place, I am proud to tell the whole fuckin' world that I'm still a hostage against my own will at a place that I don't even want to call my own as soon as possible and am supposedly eager to leave.

In fact, this is hindering me from moving on at a personal level.  Bullcrap!

And the drama continues…

When will this misery end?  I'm already tired of taking bitter pills, that I myself have become bitter and condescending now.

I hope God sends out a Signal Number 5 typhoon in this God-forsaken country so time will move faster, my way, and so that these wretched people will die!


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