Posted by: pakshet101 | Friday, June 30, 2006

go chololo! it’s time…

I am changing my mind after some freakin’ serious thought.

In the past, I have always supported Manny “The Pacman” and even looked up to him as a source of national pride.

But for the Sunday slugfest which is being promoted as a matter of national pride and stuff, I am going to support — and even wager for — Oscar “Chololo” Larios.

It’s time to teach this numero uno Arrovo loyalist a lesson he will never forget.

Dammit national pride.  He has already allowed himself to be smitten with promotional pesos and even political clout which is being bestowed by the Lakas-CMD led by Arrovo the thief and her minions.

For political reasons, it’s about time to send this Arrovo nut crashing down to earth.

Chololo, send Pacman down the canvas.  And don’t worry, we’ll finish his midget master through the impeachment process.





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