Posted by: pakshet101 | Sunday, October 15, 2006

of goodbyes to GY shift work and delayed reactions

After five months, my stint in working the night shift has come to a close.  So, for this foreseeable future, I will be exiled to the morning shift (6 am-2 pm) meaning no more night differential (or an additional PhP2,000 every payday), no more absolute petiks, and no more sleepy spells every 4 am too!  Althought this may mean some adjustment (and I terribly suck when it comes to this, especially that I hate slow-moving traffic especially in our area), I have to take this bitter pill.  [This is part of my thoughts that in spite of what has happened with work the last few weeks where I was on shaky ground, I still have a job that I could call my own, though Ive been flirting with disaster lately when it comes to the job market).

But for some delayed reaction…(as a result of some jerking)

First heard of this a few days ago from pantry conversations.  This issue has been making the rounds of corporate email, blogs, discussion boards and even news programs like TV Patrol World and Bandila. This is about a customer care representative for PLDT myDSL (broadband) who cussed at a customer having a service complaint when she thought that he was cursing at her.

If you wanna hear the conversation, here’s a good link though I checked a blog (no need to download file), it’s just that the conversation is in Tagalog:  (please click the play button)

I feel for both the agent and the customer.  But having worked in a call center for a considerable amount of my employed life, I should say that this call has disastrous elements since the rep had low emotional intelligence (as evidenced by her cussing to the customer when in fact the customer’s rant is about the company she’s working for and not her personally) and didn’t have her check — to wit, since you’re working with customers and    Also, I won’t say that the customer is king either because although he was right all along re: the locus of the call, he stooped down to her level without any clear resolution and the issue hanging.

I was also wondering that since this is supposed to be a confidential record (the call itself), this must have been spread by a QA…

This is making me have some second thoughts on working again in a call center — I’ve been removed from doing voice calls for over a year now.


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