Posted by: pakshet101 | Wednesday, October 18, 2006

olongapo oktoberfest also known as mardi gras

Here are some pics of last weekend’s Olongapo City Mardi Gras (Remixed), that event held along Magsaysay Avenue in downtown Olongapo which aside from being one of the city’s attractions this time of the year (the other being its town fiesta every December 30th if my memory serves me right) also showcased live bands, tiangges, and food apart from the crowd:

The crowd enjoying the festivities.

An inflated San Miguel Pale Pilsen bottle. Oktoberkest na!!!

Another shot of the bottle.

A rickety street magician (together with his apprentice) showing his wares in front of the crowd. incidentally near where my friend and I were seated at.

Crowds shuttling to and fro.

Eto na, tumatabingi na ang bote…nasa ibaba nuon mga umiinom din ng draft beer.

One of the services offered: henna tattoo for a resonable price.

Who says big boys can’t have tattoos?

Too bad my friend and I didn’t bother taking some booze — nagpakabusog na lang ulit sa RM after one round in the SBMA zone.


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