Posted by: pakshet101 | Sunday, November 5, 2006

down but still not out

It’s November now. Undas has finally passed, and little would I know that it’s just less than two months away till the Yuletide season. Dang, it’s like I might preoccupy again with thoughts like which presents I should give, should my savings be enough and all. And to make matters worse, I’m still feeling like my body’s going to collapse anew because I tend to get up too early and that my body’s not been able to get enough sleep that it deserves (man, methinks that the two days-off that I have doesn’t suffice especially that these fall on weekdays — here we go again). I’m praying real hard that this won’t result to another meltdown of sorts like in the past where I end up switching companies.

Oh, and just recently I got for myself through eBay a good (though second-hand) HP Ipaq RX 1955 Pocket PC which I could use given my newfound addiction to gadgets. (Heck, I even have to choose which between a laptop or a pocket PC would sound like a good investment for me given what I wanted to do.) Hopefully I’d be able to get the breeze of manipulating it. Besides, this already serves as my advance Christmas gift for myself. The only disgusting part was while I was giving it a test run yesterday at Seattle’s Best Coffee in Ayala Center, Makati, too bad I couldn’t even connect to WiFi — I must be in shunga mode then.


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