Posted by: pakshet101 | Sunday, December 3, 2006

the storm is not over

Thank heavens the wrath of the storm Reming (or Durian in international parlance) has spared us here in the Big City. Preparation must have paid off for us here (though students are fuming mad because of the suspension of classes). But my heart goes to the victims of the mega-storm in Albay (my dad’s home province)

But despite this, expect the political storm to just worsen, what tith brazen attempts to stop the 2007 elections by way of the Lakas-CMD “initiatives” at all costs. Thus, we are seeing some uber-insensitive pricks once again thanks to Arrovo and her rubber-stamp Lakas minions who think that amending the 1987 Constitution is more important than solving the water crisis which is slowly crippling Metro consumers. Just take a look at this brazen stupidity of these lawmakers who are paid millions just to serve us:

GMA’s allies: Cha-cha more important than water crisis

People like them make me sick to the highest; at first they shouldn’t even be called public servants elected by the people because they are just in the service of the almighty peso and not for the general welfare of those constitituents who need their services, especially the solution of the impending water (and even power) crisis.  Because of them kowtowing to and worshiping the greatest ukinana of the country, they’re ukinanas as well and they deserve nothing better but karma (which ironically the ukinana‘s husband is now slowly experiencing).


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