Posted by: pakshet101 | Sunday, December 31, 2006

au revoir, 2006…bienevue, 2007!!!

As I’m writing this, I’m slaving my arse off work and I ain’t spending the New Year at home for the second straight year, though methinks that I’m already used with this (I spent the last New year on the streets).

But looking back at the year that is going to pass in less than two hours, I must say that for me it was one heck of a good one because I finally am charting my direction towards my destiny.  Save for some lackluster decisions that I did in my life and disappointments, at least I am getting what I want to happen and am getting myself on track.  Also, I’m enjoying my job and am also enjoying the company of my friends, especially my colleagues from where I came from at the turn of the year.  (Gawd I’m already looking forward to another vacation spell when January comes, and it’s gonna be two more before I get back to the City of Pines.)

This being said…with all these new beginnings in store and all these setbacks being left behind with the old year, I’d wish all the best for the coming year and more blessings for everyone including my family!



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