Posted by: pakshet101 | Friday, January 5, 2007

a new conspiracy theory by the players up above the portals of power

With the turn of the year not good for the Philippines as a whole in terms of development of nationalism, what with the government-sponsored “daring escape” of rape convict Daniel Smith from the Makati City Jail to the US Embassy which is not a Philippine territory as defined by international law, as well as the acts of some government officials these days. it just shows how BRAZEN the leaders led by the ukinana is disrespecting and even desecrating what our heroes did fight for — which I think is making them spin on their graves now.

Officially, in a span of just a week, two known Asian nations have done acts which obviously pleases Uncle Sam and his caprices – first, in Iraq, the execution of Saddam Hussein (although I’m no fan of this tyrant, if we’re going to analyze the political playbook, his downfall is per Dubya’s script), and in the Philippines, the arbitrary transfer of Smith without a court ruling (please note that the courts even have yet to decide since they’re the only entity empowered to take action on this, but how this daring escape happened is for the books, with all those Arrovo officials, concocted a plan which could be called a conspiracy for most since it left both Pozon and the Apeas court hanging thus leaving the latter wth no resort but to junk the convict’s petition on January 3rd).

Well this conspiracy plot hatched by the Lakas-Kampi clique (read: I no longer hate just the Lakas party of Señor Tabako, but also the Kampi gang of the bogus president) it will just translate to more Bushwhacking come election time. This early, the people can’t easily be hoodwinked by their proteges, for we al know that the writing is on the wall for them, and I really hope this happens come 2007.

Please lang.


For further good reads, I have discovered the blog of Ellen Tordesillas, a columnist who is also identified with the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism. Her provocative insights can be found here, as well as in Abante and Malaya, where she has columns there.



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