Posted by: pakshet101 | Sunday, January 7, 2007

i am so pissed more than ever.

Since I started my week (the first full week in 2007 at that) at work, I have never been so happy.

First, it’s because the top brass — yeah, the top brass — announced that the transportation allowance that we’re receiving will be retracted effective the 3rd of this month, and that the night diferential will be reduced to 10% as part of cost cutting measures (but then said that we need not worry because the company is stil stable which is somewhat contradictory with the reason behind imposing cost cutting measures). Then, as part of the sched realignment, they pulled-out the entire midshift team and placed them in an intensive yet somewhat useless English skills training (which in my opinion it’s not really that essential in my workplace, except if you’re in the sub-department where you answer customer inquiries about ringtones and even text chat) without leaving half of a definite replacement thus leaving everyone in the dark including my reliever who is SO PISSED that she wants to leave this hell (I am pissed to but I don’t make it evident to everyone, which was my biggest mistake when I was with company A).

All because of these, much as I could say that I’m still content with the job descript and most of the people I work with — including the supervsors wo are ready to lift a finger when something’s wrong — most of me is dictating that I should start exposing myself again to the job market and start submitting my CV especially to some companies where I tried to apply (but didn’t make past the final interview). Or even follow-up pending applications, one of which is with this company which prioritizes techies over customer support-oriented people like me since thry’re ramping up those who know how to dis/assemble a PC (and then once these are filled up they told me they’ll get back at me) — I hope it’d be at the SOONEST possible time. But before joining a new company, I’d wanna give myself a month’s break if ever.

Oooh…work rants again…when would I be ever content with my environment? Only time can tell. But one thing for sure, I don’t wanna end up as a martyr at work, if ou know what I mean.



  1. did you apply to direct jobs or through agencies?

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