Posted by: pakshet101 | Sunday, January 14, 2007


I’m back after a seemingly long sabbatical that brought me places, among others Puerto Galera, and resulted into some sort of R & R.  Whoa, just after a short stay there I swore I’d want to go back there for I enjoyed it so much.

So much has happened since I got back to work (dang I didn’t report to work the other night because of a slight bout with fever that was induced by motion and at the same tme I have a suspected broken rib apparently brought about by the masahista, though it must have happened at the first instance when the massage session started, I don’t blame her for that).  Aside from the usual work updates I got (which is hastening my desire to leave this workplace after so much has happened in the first few days of the year), so much too has happened in the outside world during the time I was holed up in Galera, but it’s gonna be a diff’rent story.

In the overall, what I enjoyed most is the time that I was able to escape the hustle and bustle of big city life.  The last time I did it was last May when a four-day trip in Baguio turned out to be a seven-day one which led to a soul-searching experience that made me decide to resign from company A.  I really need such kind/s of break before my head explodes with all these thoughts, especially now that I’m a regular at work but still waiting for my appointment papers to formalize all yet my mind is somewhat set to leaving this place though.

Ooooh.  Stories about the Galera trip later.

And by the way…am so happy for my sweetie because she’s gonna be working again.  Nothing much, just showing expressing my happiness here.


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