Posted by: pakshet101 | Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the irony of it all…

As of this writing, I can’t post in my MySpace blog which I would usually simulpost with this one. That bug has been going on for like an hour now, and since I’m approaching the end of shift, Imma just post the preceding entry into my MySpace blog when i get in tonight, my last day for my work week (yey another sabbatical!).

And to make all matters worse, due to these pay issues going on inside the enclave, and as well as a possible reaction to lugaw, I almost fucked-up with my job — good thing I owned up to the mistake and just got a verbal reprimand from “Ate” (as what our dudes would call her, my supervisor). The only irony of it all inside work and what my job descript entails, is that even the slightest — make that minute or the smallest that no naked eye can see — mistake could merit you a suspension or worse if the Big Boss is around he’d hand you the pink slip.

Word: In what I’m doing, either that I know what I’m doing or not, coupled with the keenest attention to details because if not I’d be up in arms against the people across the Pacific.


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