Posted by: pakshet101 | Saturday, January 20, 2007

commemorating a disaster

Today marks the sixth anniversary of Edsa Dos.

It was on that eventful day of January 20th, 2001 that the nation stood up and fought the then despotic rule of who was supposed to be the president of the masses, former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada and that the culmination of a four-day epic that began with the sealed envelope ended with his overthrow and the installation of then Vice President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo into power. It was under the hope that she as well as her platforms would be the right solution and fix to the rampant corruption, economic decline, deteriorating standard of livng, and prevalent nepotism in the bureaucracy.

But after six years, where is our country now? Where have we gone into, after all?

Nada. Nil. Zilch. In fact, the social condition/s of the people have not improved, economy is still under the dictates of the imperialist powers which shackle even the leaders, standard of living continues to decline, and worse our country is slowly going back to the tag of the “Sick Man of Asia” no thanks to Arrovo and her mafia.

What have we acheived? Here is just a list, based on my observations:
1. Stunting economic growth (although the saving grace is that she’s putting her being an economist into good use by controlling inflation and “reviving” the peso)
2. Worsening human rights conditions, as exemplified by the extra-judicial and State-sponsored killings of journalists and activists critical of her government, as well as the unsolved nature of those crimes;
3. The further self-perpetration of the Arrovo (er, Aroyo) clan, from the immediate family down to the associates, involved in every major national scandal, ranging from corruption and bullying/harassment of those ritical to them to even the damning 2004 electoral crisis no thanks to Garcillano;
4. The sell-out of national sovereignty and patrimony which took a turn for its worse when the government, acting on the whims of the imperialist masters, virtually removed the “criminal” tag on US serviceman/rapist Daniel Smith by transferring his detention from the Makati City Jail (where he should be detained for he must answer to Philippine law/s) to the US Embassy (considered an international territory where his criminal liability IS waived per international treaties);
5. The widespread desperate attempts to prove her legitimacy which started with the Hello Garci scandal and subsequent attempts to quell public dissent brougght about by this;
6. Personality cult (needs a long explanation)

And countless others which really disenchants the common people.

No wonder the exact sixth anniversary of the Arrovo presidency is an occassion that we people are just treating as if it were an ordinary day full of shit.

Because there’s really NOTHING to celebrate about. Only fools would dare celebrate the accomplishments of that midget shithead in power.


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