Posted by: pakshet101 | Sunday, January 21, 2007


This was just a few hours ago since the bus I was riding to on the way to work was “rounded up” by elements of the police along the South Expressway in Silangan, Laguna.

I so thought this was due to the fact that the police — as well as the military stationed in the area — were “cleansing” the egress of people from the South, especially the Laguna since there was a major demonstration that occurred along Calamba Crossing sponsored by Bayan-Southern Tagalog and their allies, commemorating the 20st anniversary of the Mendiola Massacre, yet another reason for Arrovo’s trusted men to be paranoid.

Like back to the days of Martial Law. “Lahat ng lalake, bumaba at iinspeksyunin namin kayo” (“All males, please alight from the bus as we’ll be conducting an inspection”). Creepy. I murmured “No shit, this isn’t right at all” after first hearing the phrase.

But not at all because according to the bus conductor of another bus of the same company which was parked when the inspection on our end happened, they (the bus company) are doing this together with the police because one of their buses was held-up by criminals along the highway days ago. Though I was not at all in favor of how the police dude said it, I quickly understood the rationale behind why the round-up happened.

But once the peace and order situation worsens under the Arrovo regime, expect more of these “random inspections” to happen.


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