Posted by: pakshet101 | Monday, January 22, 2007

BEH BUTI NGA: another VERY VERY notable deed regarding our favorite ukinana

Here’s an item from Ellen Tordesillas’ blog. Very commendable. To think that this happened during the anniversary of Edsa Dos, ergo, her sixth anniversary in power.

“Got this from two friends:

‘Gloria Arroyo was loudly booed and heckled twice by the audience at the Il Divo concert at the PICC last night.

‘The first time she was booed was when she arrived late for the start of the concert.

‘The second was at the end of the concert when the audience was asked to remain seated until after GMA has eft (sic) the hall. Instead of remaining in their seats, the crowd hastily stood up and started booing loudly while leaving the hall ahead of the visibly irritated GMA.’

“Serves her right!”

I commend the people who took the effort to boo Ms. Ukinana and her fucking cohorts (though indirectly). Again, very commendable and very much courageous indeed. Wish I was there to witness it first-hand — disin sana ay nakapagpasok ako ng isang timba ng bulok na kamatis para naipambato ko sana sa Pandakokak na ukinanang yan!



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