Posted by: pakshet101 | Saturday, January 27, 2007

sucking it up

(As I’m writing this, I’m sucking it up because the company’s Internet connection conked out, thus aborting my petiks period.)

Just last Tuesday, I received my appointment letter cum memo that for passing my six-month probationary period, I have become a regular employee at this workplace where I’m connected with and have “languished” since I left Company A (I’m gonna call this Company B).  Time and again, during my six-month probee period, I have seen the best and worst of how things have been run here.

But since things got fucked-up with the turn of the year here at Company B, it’s like I don’t really intend to stay even a minute longer.  Now that we’re being screwed by the top brass (see several earlier posts).

The only thing that’s making me stick here is the hike in my base pay, something that I didn’t get from Company A.  Otherwise, if this didn’t happen, I must have left this place especially that I haven’t signed the memo which just basically extended my previous contract that I signed when I was just starting here.  But I did just last Tuesday, I have got no choice.

Well, as the adage goes.  I gotta suck it up for the moment, not because I have a choice, but it’s the only choice for now.  Sayang din kasi yung salary increase.  Who knows, the much vaunted allowance might be restored, one of the rewards just for sticking (and sucking it) up with Company B.


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