Posted by: pakshet101 | Sunday, February 18, 2007

back from yet another prolonged blog leave

Yeah.  haven’t been writing my thoughts since I first went on hiatus to Baguio early this month.  And I must have noticed that my writing brain cells haven’t been functioning for more than half a month now.

It’s not because I don’t wanna write stuff or something, but it’s mostly because I’ve been so preoccupied with so many thoughts especially lately when things at work have gone from crap to turd (in other words from bad to worst).

For a fact, I am already contemplating of leaving my current job — much as the job is cool, I can’t bear myself working with a boss who’s very insensitive when it comes to workers’ rights and benefits; and my then-imminent fear of him and his ilk reducing our salaries have materialized during my blog hiatus.  In other words — hindi na ako makatiis; it’s just that I’m stuck in two hopes — have one of the prospective companies to which I have a pending application get back at me for supposed openings, or start shopping around (the latter part I’m sure to do prolly on Tuesday).

Well to make matters worse, I’m already a man on a mission when it comes to lovelife — meaning I’m trying to get myself back to the dating game.  At least, I’m experimenting first through meeting up through text messaging at first, I see myself as someone who’s so good at that (LOLz).  I swore to myself that after last February 14th, it would be the “last” time ever that I’ll be celebrating “loneliness” on Valentine’s Day (although I do agree that that occassion is for single dudes).  Gawd, I’m so in love for now…but it’s somewhat complicated if I’d tell the story here because of some issues…

And on a final note before I conclude this entry, I’m gonna take another much-needed sabbatical to the City of Pines.  It’s because of the Panagbenga Festival which is yet another tourist hit for the city — it’ll just be my second time to grace the event, and this would be another good time to bond with my friends up there.  And of course, some R & R as my head’s gonna explode once again with issues at work, a sign of yet another impending burn-out.

Outta here for now.  Hahahaha, I need to finish up my resume’ before I call this a shift.


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