Posted by: pakshet101 | Monday, February 19, 2007

let the circus begin!

It’s election time once again!  Not just in the national front, where campaigning has already started, but even in the local front where would-be candidates have started introducing themselves by way of posters with subtle messages like greetings and stuff (hidden message: Vote for Me!).

I have spotted some of these kind in my hometown of Bacoor (images courtesy of my camera phone):

Oh dang the best mayor in town and his wife.  And two of their minions.

The man who introduces himself as the vanguard of the people.  Of course, just the name.  Face to follow come campaign period for local bets start.

The sidekicks: the streamer of the purpoted vice mayoralty bet at left followed by the battlecry of the mayoralty bet at right.

Election circus is now in full swing..  By late March, it will come full circle.


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