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joining the revolt of the campus dudes (delayed reaction)

Last Valentine’s Day (February 14), GMA Network’s flagship FM station DWLS-FM junked its extremely successful Campus Radio format in favor of a more masa-oritented one which they, of all names one could think of, christened:  Barangay LS.  WHat the f*$(*#^$^ was the management thinking, since theirs had the radio station in the Metro which really identified with the student of today (at least, since other stations of their kind like Magic 89.9 and RX 93.1 somewhat differ because of the two station’s having on-air personalities who yap mostly nonsense and having American accents) since it sponsored campus events (the last one being UP Fair 2007 which I wasn’t able to attend, too bad) and even opened a venue for aspiring student DJs to at least have a first hand experience on how to do the craft)?  They killed a quality radio station to stoop down to the level of crass mediocrity!

Well, it all boils down to profit.  $$$$$$ or PPPPPPP whichever you’d take it.  Management just had just had to “do it” because masa radio is the trend nowadays in the Metro, which would bring GMA huge profit/s (Campus Radio rated poorly so I heard).  It now pits Barangay LS (tagline: Forever!) against the already-established stations in the masa genre:  90.7 Love Radio, Yes FM 101.1, Alam Mo Na Yan 101.9 For Life! (they dropped the WRR already), and 93.9 I-FM.

WHAT THE F)(*$)$*_$&?!?!?!  This is a lame excuse for most of us, sacrificing quality for big bucks!  Just because of this, GMA lost a chink of its radio listening percentage!  Heck, the Metro already has six stations in that genre, and puhleez we don’t need another one just to pollute the quality of radio listening here!

I’ve also read in numerous sources that even its air staff [Who are forced to take obnoxious names, such as Atong Bomb for the formerly-named radio instution Jimmy Jam and Boy Tisoy for the formerly-named Joe Spinner (or Koji Morales if you were an RX adict on the first incarnation of Chix and Del there in the 90’s)] are NOT contented with this, an indication that they don’t like whatever they’re doing, from playing super-overplayed (gasgas) songs which are not their cup of tea to dishing out disgusting jokes which we have heard a gazillion times already.

But all is not lost, so to speak.  Though personally I’m convinced that this format will stay for good (as the network’s attempt to rake in profits) we could still make change happen in a way.  We have to bring the established format BACK and junk that piece of junk that GMA created!   It is posted in PinoyExchange that Jimmy Jam is exhorting Campus Radio loyalists (the young ones) and those who are for quality radio in the Metro (like myself) to do their part to make the management reconsider that move, a siogn of his apparent disgust to Barangay LS and his endorsement of the snowballing petition to bring Campus Radio back to the airwaves (this was originally posted in Jimmy Jam’s Multiply page, and was reposted by another user crediting him since the original post was taken down from his site):


An online petition was created by one Lolo Jose on the Net recently. It’s sole purpose is to get petitions to bring Campus Radio back on-air over 97.1 WLS-FM. The No. 1 Pop Music Station in Metro Manila’s old trendsetting tastemaking Upscale Pop format that leaned heavily towards OPM bands was recently JUNKED, replaced by a masa-based format going by the new name 97.1 Barangay LS, much like 90.7 Love Radio, WRR 101.9 For Life, Energy FM, YES-FM, Star FM and stations of similar ilk.. that’s just what Metro Manila FM Radio needs, another BADUY radio station..
but not if YOU can help it.. take the initiative and take the online petition one step further..

WRITE LETTERS TO GMA NETWORK and DEMAND the RETURN of CAMPUS RADIO and its old format to 97.1 WLS-FM! Air your grievances not just once, twice but as many times as you can.. the more letters they receive the more YOUR voices shall be heard! The mail should NOT stop.. it should NEVER stop! A few scribbled words on paper and a postage stamp is well worth the effort to getting your favorite FM station format back on-air, don’t you think?
So WRITE THOSE LETTERS! Not later, not tomorrow, but NOW!!
Address your LETTERS to:

Felipe L. Gozon
GMA Network Inc.
EDSA Diliman QC

Also check out the online petition.. sign up and let YOUR voice be heard so that OUR voices can be heard again!


I have signed the petition.  And I’m sure Imma send copies of it to the people concerned, especially the man who calls himself “The Investigator of the People” and the person said to be the brains behind all these.  At least I’m doing something to bring back quality on the airwaves.


I’m going on yet another induced semi-blog leave.  Imma be back to the City of Pines for the Panagbenga Festival which will be held this weekend.  I will be uploading stuff when I get back here.  While there, I could post, which I’ll try to as well.  But for now, lemme enjoy it first, as a break from all that’s been happening lately on my end.

And while there, Imma listen to 92.7 Campus Radio there for sure.  Their format, even if it has some bubblegum pop, is more bearable than 97.1 Barangay LS Forever here which is just plain ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!



  1. I like 97.1 Barangay LS better. You have to say nice things about 97.1 Barangay LS or I WILL KILL YOU!!! People who don’t respect 97.1 Barangay LS are fucking morons who are begging to bring back Campus Radio.

    Bringing back Campus Radio is just a waste of time. Just get Campus Radio out of your mind and you have to like 97.1 Barangay LS. If you like 97.1 Barangay LS, sign the petition here:

    Not later, not tomorrow. I need you to sign the petition ttp:// so we can win.

  2. it is unfortunate that they have to change. we have to accept the fact that the management of the radio station made the change so that they can earn more money. i dont blame them. its just very dissapointing to hear something different from the radio station youve listened to for how long you can remember (im referring to wls listeners, even though i listen to ls sometimes). it would be nice to bring the old format back, so that the noise on fm radio would be lessen (considering nu107 plays rock music, these masa stations are noisier than nu).

  3. for this blog’s moderator, i’d love to point out that the first commenter has also posted in my blog about the DWLS issue under a completely different name with the the same uh… unique sentiments. I am also utterly disappointed with the reformat, and what marcus said (last sentence) is deliciously ironic, and undoubtedly true.

  4. One alternative maybe is for RGMA to establish another radio station with a format simiar to Campus Radio, that way both sides will be pleased. They just have to find an available frequency for them to take over.

    But of course I’m gonna miss their jingle: “CAMPUS RADIO/97.1…WLS-FM!”

  5. does anyone have a copy of that jingle>? there is a social network website for campus radio fans

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