Posted by: pakshet101 | Friday, March 16, 2007

from the news: call center agent dies of stress

Last night, before I called it a day after uploading some “smuggled” MP3 tunes in my laptop, my dad called my attention to watch that report that someone in the call center industry died — according to my dad, while at work, as how the primetime newscast TV Patrol World gave as its teaser. I did watch it, and here is the transcript/how the report went as it was shown last night:

Call center agent’s death blamed on stress

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) reminded call center companies to give due attention to the health and welfare of their employees because they are prone to work-related stress that result from frequently changing schedules, TV Patrol World reported Thursday.

The advisory came after a call center agent named Dingdong Flores died after suffering from hypetension while at work. He lapsed into coma before being taken to a hospital.

“Dinala iyung asawa ko doon dahil maraming dugo sa ulo niya. Ininterview ako doon kung may diabetes asawa ko, sabi ko wala siyang sakit,” said Flores’ wife, Rissa.

Flores had passed all the medical examinations and had been working as a call center agent for the past three months.

Doctors said stress from irregular work schedules could have aggravated Flores’ hypertension and caused his death.

“Because of the irregular schedule of the work lalo na ‘pag assigned sila sa evening or early morning, it is not the usual. It can stress the individual. Iyung hemorrhage was secondary to his hypertension,” Dr. Paulino Tenchavez said.

Dr. Teresa Cucueco of DOLE’s Occupational Safety and Health Services said that call center agents often suffer from stress that leads to hypertension.

Cucueco recommended that call center companies should conduct blood pressure checkup regularly and implement exercises for employees.

They should also create support groups for employees suffering from emotional stress, she added. With a report from Zyann Ambrosio

This news should be some sort of a “rude” welcome for me, considering that the next destination that I’ll go to, after this hell will be taking live calls and dealing with irate customers…which may not be as rosy as what I’ve been doing now, since it would mean stress. Still, no regrets over career moves, but I’m already used to it anyway (me taking stressful calls and dealing with it and eventually sucking it up).

But for the call center professionals, this piece of news is indeed alarming…



  1. Our work has it’s own share of deaths, even more alarming than stress. I wonder why its not in the news. I know that dying at work is a big issue, but the way they reported it seems to make a bad impression on call centers.

  2. ^ I must agree with your last statement — the way it was reported is something that has a nega impression on working in call centers.

    When I posted that topic on PinoyExchange, it even scared off a potential CC applicant.

    Moral of the story: We should take care of ourselves, no matter what our job/career is.

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