Posted by: pakshet101 | Saturday, March 17, 2007

that disgusting NBI clearance renewal process (yeah)

Just last Monday, I went to the National Bureau of Investigation Clearance Renewal center in Sta. Cruz to have my NBI clearance renewed, as it is a prerequisite for me to get in the next company I’m moving to as part of their background investigation requirements.  (I have to go there because I have to have an address entry in my previous clearance copy corrected, and at the same time since I thought that there were more clearance renewal counters there, it would be faster and I should be taken cared of in a hour or less.)

The payment step was a breeze, but lo and behold!  On the next step to secure the clearance,  it was like a sea of people waiting for the next turn, since the good NBI people changed the step especially for those having their clearances renewed — the purpose why we were required to bring the personal copy of the clearance is to expedite processing, but alas, it was the other way around!  Alas, instead of providing a faster process for us, it was like we were sent back to square one and bunched together with the new applicants!  Heck, I was like thinking, “What is this ‘Please present this copy (personal copy of the previous clearance) to facilitate processing’ for?”

The following pictures would just show how nice it would be to queue for a new clearance, especially if you were just there to renew it:

All in all I spent three hours for this, two hours and a quarter just for queuing for checking of correct info.  What a lot of time wasted.

This is soooo disgusting.  This really is a reflection of society as a whole — walang kaayusan, which is typically Filipino.  Especially if the people at the government agencies are the one responsible for this mayhem, be it in a large gathering or even in a small office.

Still, the only thing that realy sucks is that being in the Philippines, we have to deal with this.  Like most idiots would say, we ain’t  in the United States.



  1. Consider yourself lucky for completing it within 3 hours. It took me longer before. By the way, there are branches where you can renew your clearance. The queue is shorter and faster. Can be done in less than an hour.

  2. ^ I would’ve loved to, but I don’t think these “sattelite NBI renewal centers” found in malls have the capability to correct error entries found in previous clearance copies — my friend told me that because he went to one in Glorietta but was advised to go to Sta Cruz if he has to corent even the slightest error to get a renewal copy of the clearance.

    That was why I took the pain of traveling all the way to Sta. Cruz.

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