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rockwell (3/23/07)

These are the latest captures of the Rockwell Center in Makati City, Philippines. Formerly the site of a power plant that served the Metro Manila area until the 1980’s (?), this is now an complex equipped with modern office buildings, comndominiums, commercial establishments (most notably the Power Plant Mall, which is the exact site of the former Rockwell Power Plant), and even a school (Ateneo Law School).

I did this while meeting up with my MySpace friend Barbie the other day.

These pics were taken using my reliable SE W810i camera.

Phinma Plaza (left) by day.

Rockwell Tent by day.

Facade of Starbucks Rockwell Center (not the one at Power Plant Mall).

Basketball court at the basement of the Power Plant Mall.

Power up!  Let’s go wall climbing!

Inside Starbucks Rockwell Center (not the one at Power Plant Mall).

Rockwell Tent at night.

Phinma Plaza at night.


Stop sign installed at one of the signal lights inside Rockwell.

Night capture of Power Plant Mall bright lights.

Power Plant Mall fountain area.

Lamps installed at the top of walkways inside Power Plant Mall.

The facade of Power Plant Mall facing the direction of J.P. Rizal and Pasig River.

Pedestrian street sign inside Rockwell Center.

When all you could plaster at the back of a very good vehicle is but the crappy face of a politician who we all know has a slim chance of making it to the Magic 12.



  1. Pre, I was at Rockwell Power Plant last Thursday to do market research and window shopping. Namasyal na rin ako sa mga karatig lugar dahil di naman ganung kainit. Nice pics!

  2. ^ Thanks. Like I’d say, I’m still a greenhorn when it comes to pics…hehehehe.

    Anong market research raket yan ha?

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