Posted by: pakshet101 | Tuesday, March 27, 2007

potential blog leave…

Finally got word that I got confirmed to that four-letter company which I signed the offer sheet two weeks ago, which abruptly caused me puling the plug with where I am with.

Which means, at least I hurdled this arduous challenge which almost caused me not to make it due to an issue.

For me, my three-week transition has now begun.

As hard as it may seem, I’ll be devoting my energies to this transition for the moment, so that it would be smooth.  (This includes Holy Week reflection, as I’m still expected to be here during that break.)  From time to time, I will be writing some entries, but it’s just that it may not be as often as I would do especially during my shifts here ar work.  If that happens, beginning tomorrow, I’d be as lucky as heck.

Let me cherish first my last days as a an employee with a mostly petiks job, for in my next career destination/s I won’t be able to find the same.



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