Posted by: pakshet101 | Saturday, April 21, 2007

no longer in limbo

After leaving the “pond” I called home for the last nine months, and after a few days of being laid, I suddenly have this feeling that I’m no longer in a state of eternal limbo.  To even wit, the WORST is over for me.

I believe in the thought that there are new good beginnings that are in store for each of us.  Such new beginning will start next week.  That’s why for now, I’m just savoring what is left of idle time.

But for now…I just had a glimpse of what’s in store for me in the “next” chapter of my so-called career.  Last Wednesday, I and my future colleagues in **** led of course by my kumpare Marc were treated to a wallclimbing activity at the Powerplant Mall where due to some factors I had a hard time rediscovering my old flair of climbing walls (it’s a good exercise though, only that my bum knee which I had for days caught up with me) — still, it was a blast, thinking that I won’t be ilang once I actually start in a couple of days.   And just like anything else, to cap it off, here were the events that transpired after the wallclimb:


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