Posted by: pakshet101 | Sunday, April 22, 2007

pics of the easter sunday mass at burnham park (april 8th) and other burnham pics

It took me like two weeks before I would be able to post this experience of mine being able to attend the Easter Sunday mass cum fluvial parade/procession at Burnham Park, specificaly the lake, last April 8. I must say it was one of a kind as I have never seen such kind of liturgical celebration, with the main celebrants at the center of the lake itself, and even those who have seen it would think it’s beautiful.As usual, this event won’t be complete without the visual treats.


Harrison Road (in front of Burnham Park)

More of the beautiful and exotic flora at the side of Burnham Lake.

Burnham Park Soccer Field

Sunday routine

Center of Burnham Lake

Family with dog in tow playing badminton at the side of the park.

And yet more of the flora.

A duo of players with dog playing badminton at the side of the park.

A duo of players with dog playing badminton at the side of the park.

The main altar at the lake itself.

“Duck heads” for bancas overlooking the lake.

The faithful taking Holy Communion.

All systems go for the fluvial parade.

Silhouette of a boat.

In fairness, it tasted good — an alternative to the sugary syrup. Just costs 10 bucks per cup.

Parade’s over.

These were what I got after attendng the service. Hahahaha.

Three men jogging and a man walking.

SIDENOTE:  On another note, it’s just disgusting to note that some people — specifically politicians vying for elective posts in the 2007 elections — used this event to campaign.  Although I may be guilty of shaking hands with some of them who were in the area,  I just felt that it was never the right time to do it so as not to interfere with the solemnity of the occassion.  But still, i’m sure everyone must have had a very happy Easter then.


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