Posted by: pakshet101 | Thursday, October 25, 2007

how i miss blogging.

After a long absence from the blog scene…
I’m back and I do hope I’m back for good.  I’m suddenly thinking that I am sooo detached nowadays.

To be honest, I’m really, really busy the past few days (and it has been going on since I joined the company last April) that I only had so little time for me to update content on my blogsites — WordPress, Multiply, and Myspace.  Good thing I finally got regularized yesterday (though at the expense of some people) and am about to get my papers, but I just can’t help and think about lost time blogging whatever happened the last few days — starting from the election fever, latest and not-so-latest current affairs (especially the Malu Fernandez fiasco, the infamous Desperate Housewives slur and its accompanying petition which I signed anyway, and most recently the Glorietta 2 blasts which almost made me say I’d rather post delayed reactions, but didn’t due to lack of time) — and oh boy like I told a colleague through email, how I’m so behind about the things in the outside world (that world beyond this friggin’ contact center life).

So hello world, again.  Wish I could just sleep over the burgeoning madness out here.


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