Posted by: pakshet101 | Monday, October 29, 2007

in between days

So at last it’s like how it feels to be back again blogging. And it’s more that I wanted this to be my therapy for work-related stress and problems, like the one I’m having right now (read my Myspace “headline” — reyrefran wanted to bust some off after what happened on the morn of 10/27. ) Even after my trip again to some place in the west of Luzon, still seems that I’m having the guilt feel of what happened. Especially that I don’t feel like I don’t want to go back to work at this time.

And yeah in between the time I was off the blogging circuit I have ditched my old Sony Ericsson camera phone in favor of one of my dream phones (that term I still have to define clearly as it’s too subjective). The last few days that I’ve been taking pictures with it, especially if I were to use the flash function (yeah, it’s a real flash unlike most camera phones), it’s like the end result has some haze in it, as if you’re in some snow-engulfed area. Well, that phone has had some glass casing for almost three weeks now and I suddenly thought that it might be the reason why my photos, especially in company events, are like that. I tried removing that case and when I test-took a photo at the bus (see above), lo and behold – it disappeared! So, for that phone, no more silicon casings for me (would’ve been better if I invested instead on those cellphone “condoms”).

Just as I have realized, I have not just updated my blogsites, but even my photo sites as well. During my so-called convalescence, I could only upload pics on my Photobucket account; and worse I suddenly remembered that I also have a Flickr account in which its premium feature — unlimited uploads of photos — is about to expire in a month’s time or two, so this adds up to updating my online stuff. (Perhaps the last tthing that I updated was to create a music player on my public profiles; of which incidentally one doesn’t work due to compatibility issues).

Methinks it’s time to begin the catching-up that is well deserved. That should be my next project until more and more pics from my new camphone get added up; as they say, beating the deadline.


Judging from the recent pardon of the midget-in-power to former Philippine President Erap Estrada, I can’t help but rant anew, for this decision was really made in haste. Yeah, let’s say that she wanted this thing as similar to restoring unity in the country (hey when were the Pinoys united anyway?), but instead of laying the foundation to unity, she even started polarizing us Pinoys, to the point of even breaking the hearts of allies and at the same time strengthening the resolve of those who worked for his prior conviction to overturn it. And even this I’m sure will worsen the current stock of the country as the long-time “Sick Man Of Asia” especially when it comes to criminal justice.

Methinks also that Erap was paid by the bitch and her minions, owing to his statement/s recognizing the legitimacy of her regime and his declaration that he will no longer challenge her administration, pure BS motherhood statements concocted by Puno and his ilk (Puno is the Cabinet official who brokered the pardon deal and methinks also that what he did is actually acting on behalf of the president’s actual party, Kabalikat ng Malayang Pilipino/Kampi).

Just recently, from the government’s insistence that the Glorietta 2 blasts were purely “accidental” (whay a f’ing baloney) to this (good thing is that the UP people say otherwise), the antics of the government never surprise me. Which just strengthens my belief that the bitch has to go as well. She doesn’t deserve to stay till 2010. Time’s up, bitch.


Oh by the way today is election day for the barangay level (the Philippines’ basic unit of government). I’m still undecided as who to vote since I don’t think no one is deserving to be elected as the head of our community, but well just like the usual Filipino electoral mentality would go, I’d do it at the last minute, this morning.

So don’t forget to GO OUT AND VOTE!

Here I am sharing some of my shots of things connected with the campaign, let alone in my immediate vicinity. Too bad I was never able to witness a campaign sortie. What I’m gonna show here would be some creative ways of sending the message to their voters to vote for them or else…

If you have the money, you can go ahead and pay someone to make you a poster on tarpaulin, which was first noticed on the 2004 campaign. On the last barangay polls (2002), I don’t think it was used yet — heck, tarpaulin was not yet even popular as an ad material.

A print-out on your home PC will doo. Too bad due to last week’s rains this poster got blotted out. Sayang ang ink.

The more traditional way to campaign for the barangay elections — a cartolina and some handwriting.  Isama na ang classic tagline na “Para Sa Masa”.

This board used to be an announcement board of our previous despot mayor, now turned into a common poster area (I just dunno if Comelec authorized it though).

The most creative way to campaign. Looks like you’re reading on an educational material for pre-school or kindergarten students. More expensive due to the use of photo paper as well, eh? But I’d give an A for effort and creativity; anyway it has the youth for its audience (read: SK stands for Sangguniang Kabataan).


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