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a double slap in their faces

The most recent attacks in Makati must not leave us Filipinos especially the relatives of the victims (whether dead, maimed, or plain wonded also known as daplis) uncowed what with the apparent “whitewash” that the Arrovo-influenced police leadership is concocting regarding the real cause of the incident.

Yeah, and now that much has been said about what happened and the mourning for the victims is over with all of them being laid to rest, and with the season of remembering our departed in our midst and these deep gashes inflicted on their families more than fresh, the efforts of the investigators to fool the public about the real cause is just becoming stronger and stronger as now they have “colluded” with foreign experts with their findings that it was “gas” from the basement which caused the explosion thereby disputing the findings of the mall operators that it was really a bomb — heck why could methane be the cause of an oh-so-powerful explosion that even caused the creation of a crater 6-9 feet deep from the mall basement?  A double slap in the grieving faces!

By: Alfred P. Dalizon

WITH the common findings of the Philippine National Police and foreign investigators that the Glorietta blast was not caused by a bomb, the police said the explosion that killed 11 persons and injured over a hundred was caused by negligence.
Standing pat on his earlier statement that the explosion was caused by methane gas, National Capital Region Police Office chief Geary Barias said civil and criminal charges could be filed against those responsible for the deadly blast.
“Even the word accident is not appropriate here. I think negligence would be a better term but we’re still trying to establish the personalities responsible for this act of negligence,” he told reporters.
Investigators from Australia, Israel and the United States were one in saying that there was no bomb in the Glorietta explosion.
Barias said their next step will be to establish the criminal and civil liabilities of the people responsible. “It’s very important to complete the story first because in the court of law, we’ve to convince the judge that this really happened. And it has to be backed up by evidence and expert witnesses,” he said.
“I also won’t jump into the conclusion that the Ayalas are responsible here. That’s the job of our lawyers,” he added. However, the people who will be held liable for the explosion can be charged with negligence resulting in multiple homicide, multiple serious physical injuries and damage to property, he said
At the same time, Barias appealed to families of the victims of the blast to be patient and wait for the final result of their investigation.
“We want to be very thorough here. We need a thorough investigation since it would be useless once we file it immediately and the court junks it later,” he said. “Very soon, we will finish this investigation and hopefully, justice can be served to the victims.”
The NCRPO chief said they are looking for some officials of the old Makati Supermarket which used to be the site of the Glorietta 2.  He said they are investigating reports that Glorietta 2 was using the old sewerage system and even the diesel tank of the former Makati Supermarket which dates back to 1992.
Barias yesterday showed a copy of the 13-page report which the Australian Federal Police submitted to the PNP.
“They ruled out any bomb explosion. According to them, it was a gas explosion which originated from the basement and there is no evidence it was caused by an improvised explosive device,” he said.

Barias added that  the Australian experts requested that their findings be kept from the media.  

Despite the findings, I’m still one with the belief that it’s still the government which is behind all these blasts.  First, knowing the place, it’s really impossible to have traces of gas — let alone methane (again I’m no expert) — in that area (except according to someone connected with the Ayala companies that the only incidence of existence of gas would be the gas that would emanate from human shit from the washrooms).  If it were really an act of negligence (which is based on human nature so,mething we may not be able to control), and if the government know that a terror attack would engulf the country especially the metro days before the blast, then why didn’t the police do something?  Bakit bineybi lang ito ng gubyerno?

I still stand with my inference that if the government can’t produce the real reason or if the investgation was not over in five days from the time it happened without any convincing cause, then it’s the government which is really behind the blasts.

Remember 1972?


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