Posted by: pakshet101 | Monday, November 26, 2007

the techie in me says that i’m so pissed.

My weekend wasn’t so good so to say.

After having downloaded much of my fave tunes in my trusty fake Ipod (which I should say is just your ricket mp3/mp4 player with radio functionality), all the 3.5 GB of music files I have downloaded all went pfffffffffffft yesterday — meaning they all got erased!

I was really wondering what (and WHAT) really happened as to why all of a sudden my files or the player itself got corrupted.  Methinks that nothing really went wrong because I closed it the right way then all of a sudden some sort of a virus infected my player to which after a later check had none and I even had a hard time reformatting my disk to which I even called the dude in Ebay who sold me the unit.  Good thing it was Ok after several attempts to reformat the player. 

The real bad thing is I wasn’t able to create back-ups for some of those music files that’s why I have to download ’em again either from Multiply or even Limewire, sheesh…

F*ck.  Yeah I must have to start from scratch.  I have to contact my good friend Arthur during the shift so I could see him later in the week to retrieve some of my music files which are incidentally with my laptop which I lent him.

Oh well…Technodudes easily get pissed if such happens.  That’s why…



  1. if yuo don’t like Limewire (I certainly don’t), can help you in indexing multiply songs

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