Posted by: pakshet101 | Friday, November 30, 2007

the manila pen mutiny (oakwood redux): the aftermath

After the turn of events that led to the Manila Peninsula incident yesterday which started with the court walkout of reform leaders Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV and BGen. Danilo Lim (actually misunderstood by many as destabilizers/coup plotters), these all the more led me to my conclusion that he is misunderstood by many.

Starting with his pronouncements in court that he is being denied the chance to serve the people as an elected senator (he placed 11th with about 11,189,467 votes) and the apparent unfair judicial treatment that he and his group as well as his lawyers continue to receive in the whole process, they walked out of the court proceedings and in turn proceeded to The Peninsula Manila Hotel (often referred to as Manila Peninsula Hotel) where the next seven hours or so would forever be etched in the annals of history.

It was here that the crusading senator gave one of his statements to call on the people to support their cause to dispose of the illicit administration:  “Pagbabago or Arroyo?”  (asking the people to choose between change or stick with the current fake and immoral regime) which struck me to the hilt and made me almost decide to go to Ayala Avenue and show support to Trillanes and co. but what made me draw back from my plan was the fact that my body was sort of not ready because I had just completed an hour of sleep when the story started to develop; and as such as much as I’d want to complete my sleep I can’t considering that I still had work to tend to later in the night.  I also programmed myself back then to go to Ayala during the nighttime at the same time to supposedly meet with a friend for this weekend’s activity (at that  time the “rebellion” was already crushed by forces loyal to Glueria and Assperon the military chief who’s her loyal lapdog — worse than one’s pet dog).

Despite his call together with that of his colleagues and other fearless citizens led by ex-Vice President Guingona, Catholic bishops, and civil society leaders, their calls fell on deaf ears and the scenes that ensued saw scenes similar to a war zone and scenes very much different from a bustling Makati during daytime, no thanks to the Lakas/Kampi-led clique ordering the military and police to launch a full assault against Trillanes and Co.  Partly because the people failed to listen since they misunderstood his noble intent of protecting the interest of the people from bad governance and corruption and offering us with a viable alternative to our overly stale system of governance and way of living.  or because some people would think that they’re tired due to numerous attempt to change regimes — in other words “hindi na tayo nanawa”.

But now, with a seemingly ugly ending to that Christmas gift to the people (with that war-like scenario which even damaged the hotel), like-minded people SHOULD keep in mind that this inciident — in fact another suppression done by no other than the Glueria and her ever-loyal dogs in the military and police who covers up all her blatant wrongdoings against the public — should just ignite fear against these devils in Malacañang disguised as sheep, and should only add up to the ever-growing list of crimes committed by her against the people (in 2007 alone I’ve lost count!).

To Sen. Antonio Trillanes, BGen. Danilo Lim, the true patriotic soldiers, the civilians who carried the fight and to the common tao sharing my views — Mabuhay!!!

To the immoral regime led by the illicit president Glueria Arrovo, I’ve got three words and all coming from a citizen (since I have my right to express it):




  1. makikisawsaw lang pero amen to you! uve said enuf and i agree to that ^^

  2. Hindi lahat nadadaan sa dahas.

    Pagod na ang mga Pinoy sa mga ganitong pamamaraan.

    At saka kung sino man ang umupo dyan, mapa-administrasyon, o oposisyon.. ay malamang titirahin pa rin.

    Pinoy pa, utak talangka.

    Kawawa ang mga common sundalo, nasali pa. Kawawa ang mga pamilya nila.

    Hindi lang naman ang pagsali sa mga ganitong pagkilos ang natatanging paraan para mapakita ang pagmamahal/pagmamalasakit sa bayan.

    Maraming paraan. Sobrang dami kung tutuusin.

    Pero marami ding dahilan, kung nanaisin ng isang Juan Dela Cruz na magbulag-bulagan.

    Isa nangyari sa manila pen, ang mga pinoy, tayo… ang magsu-suffer.

    Sa issue na ito, lahat tayo may kanya-kanyang pananaw. Walang tama, walang mali.

    Pero ang tanong, may positibo bang naiambag ang nabigong pag-aaklas ng grupo ni trillanes, sa kasalukuyang estado ng bansa?

  3. well mali ang naging move nila or siguro masyado pang immature and the filipinos are dead sick of these dramas… even the smartest people commit mistakes so maybe thus trillanes when he planned this, maybe he never thought of the outcome, maybe he never thought these would be the consequences… what happened might make gloring feel glorious again, some people hate trillanes for what had happened but at least he tried and did it. if we look at our present situation, it’s really getting worst. we all have different perceptions on how to face problems, others chose to just sit and watch while others do the action whether wrong or not. Maybe trillanes that was the only solution to all of these. my stand? yes, mali ang ginawa nilang hakbang kahapon or may namali sa kanilang plans, and yes pornstar, there are other things pinoys can do to make our lives better but my sentiments and sympathy is still with trillanes because he chose to be infamous and to face the consequences just to show how fucking bastards that glorious family and her adopted children are!

  4. The mere fact na na daanin mo sa kalsada ang hinaing mo sa gobyerno at manawagan ka sa mga tao na patalsikin ang presidente ng isang bansa, yun lang masama na.

    Hindi ganon ang takbo ng buhay.

    May batas tayong sundin, prosesongg dapat tahakin.

    Oo at nahaharang ang impeachment, that only means na hilaw pa ang mga kilos ng oposisyon. Or sadyang kulang pa sa panliligaw sa mga kongresista…

    Sundalo, taga-pagpatupad ng batas, pero ano nangyari? Nilagay nya ang batas sa kanyang mga kamay.

    Kung gusto ng pagbabago, dahan-dahanin ng sa ganon ay walang malagpasan o makaligtaan na importanteng detalye tungo sa pagbabago na ninanais ng iyong butihing senador.

    Maybe you too are also blinded by wrong ideals, of your great senator.

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