Posted by: pakshet101 | Saturday, October 25, 2008

avail time…

At last, the right time for me to revive my blog (and blogging interest) has come.  Just when there are no calls — yeah, no OUTBOUND calls (our system calling customers) at that — for the last hour or two.  And much worse, when I’m feeling sick and all that.

I have noticed that it’s almost a year when I last posted an entry.  Yet all long I’ve been engaged in internetus addictus moments especially during rest days, but either my brain cells have had nothing to produce in posting blog entries, or I may not be in the mood to post one anyway due to that writer’s block syndrome…

Oh I have to rush back to the phones now.  Avail time now officially over.  Bottomline is this blog’s gonna be active once again.

Hasta la vista!


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