Posted by: pakshet101 | Thursday, October 30, 2008

I endorse the impeachment complaint against the do-nothing leader of the country.

As a blogger and concerned Filipino, I have signed and am endorsing this online petition to finally kick the fake president Gloria Makapal-Arrovo out of power through the latest impeachment complaint, of which petition has been started by Rod Alvarez:

The signatures will be forwarded to Atty. Harry Roque who in turn will turn it over to Congress as well, to back-up the latest impeach complaint spearheaded by Joey de Venecia, Atty. Roque, and backed-up by legislators led by the crusading Satur Ocampo and Teddy Casiño.

It’s about time!  We Pinoys should not be taken for a ride for another year and a half of bullshit!  By signing the petition at least we are doing our share, but don’t just be content by signing it; spread it through email, blogs, online groups, text messaging, and similar media, so we could show how we much despise the ruling clique led by Queen Gloria and her disgusting antics!



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