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goodbye 96.3 WRocK, thanks for the memories

(Image taken from their Friendster page)

This is an ode to the Philippines’ original Lite Rock Radio, and to its 20 years of its brand of entertainment that is truly unparalleled, which is slowly being pulled the plug on what it’s best known for after it being sold to the Manila Broadcasting Company group of the Elizalde family.  I just thought now is the perfect time to write about it, as it would seem the 96.3 WRocK that we know of, grew up with and loved is no more.

I am proud to say that the station has been part of my life as well, somethimes as my primary preferred radio station and sometimes my alternative even with the surge of mp3 media.  The station also has been my personal refuge especially in my senti moments, those times when I felt so low, and whenever I wanted to end the day quickly.  They played a unique brand of lite rock — lite rock tunes which is coupled with easy listening tunes which became a perfect mix for one’s life moment.  And it even became a hit because of name recall.  Why?  It’s because of their no-frills cutting-edge programming formula which crossed all demographics, from the affluent to the masa, especially with their segments such as Celebrity Minute, Lite Rock Exclusives, Three Of A Kind, Fast Dance, and best of all the Lite Rock Favorites of the Week which features advices on mostly love and life, as well as the most-played and most-requested tunes, and has further endeared the station to the public, even to what I consider its dying days.

However, on October 8, 2008, news broke out that the MBC group (I’ll go out on a limb here that I will not refer to this as being directly owned by MBC the company, since it will violate rules on ownership of radio entities) purchased WRocK, which raised fears among posters and listeners on the PinoyExchange thread that another rebrand and format tweak is in the offing, in the light of this radio reformat/frenzy this year alone.  Weeks later, everyone’s fears slowly materialized, although I didn’t see it coming that soon, what more with corporate disclosure stuff and clearances and the like.

All of a sudden I thought about this:  Will 96.3 WRocK become another 99.5 RT, a mere shell of its former self after the purchase?  I did the syllogism on 99.5 RT because 99.5 RT of the 80’s and 90’s was at its best when it was still owned by the Tuasons and it was at that time that it endeared itself to the fans with its excellent jocks, first crack on future hits, and unparalleled programming.  The atmosphere changed when the Quest Broadcasting Inc. group purchased it in 1996 and at first retained the brand of music however in line with the new owners’ directive, they slowly changed the format to help complement its new big sister (Magic), something they have done to the present (despite an attempt at a brand change earlier this year).

This is exactly the same that’s happening to 96.3 WRocK.  The day after Paul and Cherry aired LRFW’s final episode on October 26, the MBC group-installed management implemented programming changes, although slight at first.  The old guards — Lianne, Dylan, and of course Paul and Cherry (who could deny that the two endeared themselves to the listeners more although I admit I am not a regular fistener of LRFW) have not even said goodbye to their listeners; they simply went away after the end of last week (October 26).  Programming and segments identified with WRock under ACWS-UBN have been scrapped, they just play all-day music and some liners by a their new on-air personalities Samantha (found out that she is a TH version of Lianne) and Denise.  The top of the hour apparently lost its place, something similar to what big sister Love is doing where the TOH is not consistently heard.  More old tunes made its was on the waves, scarcely some (yet) masa songs being played by two of 96.3’s new corporate sisters (the flagship 90.7 Love Radio and the automated 101.1 Yes FM) were also heard (to my shock, the last one was that Ronnie Liang mixed Tagalog/Kapampangan song, Ngiti/Ayli, yesterday early morning); a sharp departure from what they were doing merely last week or even during its 20-year existence.

On their live stream website which also went pffffft, someone who apparently is connected with WRocK’s former owners posted a thank-you message, which I read between the lines as “goodbye and thank you listeners, but it’s not over, we’ll meet again once more soon”:

“Hi, WRocK Listeners! First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for all the appreciation you have given to 96.3 WRocK. We are overwhelmed by your messages and efforts to express your support. For believing in our music, in our programs, in our WRocK Jocks, in our vision of offering inspiration through one fine radio station, thank you. However, as change is inevitable, 96.3 WRocK Manila is now under the able management of Manila Broadcasting Company, the successful radio network behind Love Radio, Yes! FM and DZRH. So, very soon, we can no longer stream 96.3 WRocK through this site. Nevertheless, we, at ACWS-United Broadcasting Network, are currently working on still bringing you the music, entertainment and service you have loved about WRocK through this site, and .PLEASE GIVE US SOME TIME TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN. We assure you we’ll be worth the wait and it won’t be long. Again, thank you. And, we love you back”

This being said, 96.3 WRocK under ACWS-UBN will be so lovingly remembered and dearly missed, and no other incarnation or new owner will match that, with everything that has happened, even if the new management will still use the same brand or retain most of the kind of music that they play.  I can further say nothing but the best of luck to the MBC group in running “96.3 WRocK”*.

96.3 WRocK under ACWS-UBN is irreplaceable, beyond reproach.

Thanks for the memories.  I’ll miss hearing this station top of the hour that distinctively identified themselves:

“The Philippines’ Original Lite Rock Radio
Metro Manila’s 96.3 WRocK!”



  1. I’m not really a long-time listener, but the changes MBC has done confounds me. If this trend continues, they’ll have three very similar stations under their Manila portfolio. I thought they’d keep the music policy intact, at the very least, but…

    …I’ll be giving it a few months before it finally beds in. If it sinks, oh well. I don’t really like Home Radio. That’s the best I’ll say.

  2. MBC is not thinking that the changes will affect the audience share. Imagine if they will make 96.3Wrock similar to the other stations that they also own less people will listen to them…Keep up the writings guys. They will let MBC know how stupid they are!!

  3. Nakakainis ang MBC, to think na ang ginagawa nila ay sa tingin nila ay ikabubuti sa maraming mga listeners. Oh well, change is always inevitable, better to shift my ears to Home and Dream.

  4. Well as I have noticed radio station reformats have been that way, and paunti-unti ang executionn nila…dapat nga someone has to start a petition sa MBC (or whatever company under its wing will handle 96.3) condemning such move…a good petition site for starters would be

  5. tsk. tsk.. sayang. one of the few radio stations in the philippines who aired best radio music. i grew up with wrock, listening to in my high school and college days. i even introduced it to my co-workers, usually tuned into every fridays. easy listening.

    they (MBC) will not be able to bring back the old wrock, and the listeners heart.

    for the old WRock, thank you for being part of our lives. we are proud of you. only good night not good byes.

  6. neh!

  7. I am definitely not a fan of listening to radio. Radio stations nowadays are really stupid. (nakayes ka pa ba?). Ano kaya yun? But since my friend recommends the station (I mean wrock), I was really amazed because there is a station pa pala that plays old songs that I really loved. But now, the station is slowly changing litle by little. The programs had been change and the jocks had left without a good farewell to their listeners. I found it really alarming.

    But the damage had been done, all I can say is 96.3 wrock is irreplaceable. I will miss all the good times. Thank you for such wonderful years the station had given to me and to all their listener. Sayonara wrock..

  8. that’s life! that’s competition… masakit mang tanggapin na hindi na katulad ng dati ang wrock (sayang sina paul at cherry) pero ganun talaga eh… memories are memories… and it must be treasured forever… being a self-confessed love song lover im listening in this station for a long time kaya lang nga everythings changed eh… don’t blame mbc for being such rude in claiming wrock.. they just doing their jobs at nasa kanila ang mic eh… keep patronizing na lang if you are still on wrock if not… lipat kayo sa iba.. ganun lang un! well i will miss the days na kumakanta ako ng love songs… wrock… even if you’re gone… in my heart… you’re alive and still tuning inside me… tnx4dmmrs… keep rockin’ cuz u rock!!!

  9. For those who are in Facebook, I have created a new Facebook group for those who love/d the ORIGINAL WRocK:

  10. it’s so sad that WROCK is not the same as it used to be. i miss listening to kuya paul and ate cherry every saturday and sunday.. same thing with dylan and lianne.., the 3 of a kind thing, friday classics… tsk, tsk. life really is a constant change…

    guys, please come back. i miss your voices on air.. let’s keep ROCKIN’

  11. I stumbled upon this site because I googled Samantha. I’m not really a fan of 96.3 but my officemate loves it so I have to endure at least 10 hours of music that I don’t like and try so, so hard not to fall asleep (no offense).

    But what really annoys me is DJ Samantha. What’s up with those “life tips”?!? They’re not entertaining. They’re not helping anyone. She sounds like a robot sometimes. Walang buhay eh. Tapos nagbibigay pa siya ng tips about marriages or how guys cheat, etc. as if these things can be generalized. “Remember someone with this song.” WTF was that??? Parang ‘yung mga one-liners niya, she picked them off from the internet lang eh! And how did she become a DJ if she can’t even pronounce “comfortable” properly?? It’s COMfortable, not comFORtable. I googled her just so I could rant. 🙂

  12. Im so sad when I learned what happened to WRock. Im a big big fan especially nina Paul and Cher. Even my labandera, natuto na ring makinig sa LRF every Sat/Sun. I went out of the country at pagbalik ko nagtaka ko bat walang LRF nung isang weekend na nakinig ako. I searched on the net kung anong nangyari. Then i found this blog… it almost made me cry. Been a listener for, I think, 10 years now. Haaaaaaay….
    Goodbye Wrock and thanks for the memories. You will surely be missed… ;(

  13. Good news for those who love the original and REAL WRocK (too sad it’s no longer with the 96.3 frequency):

    You can hear them again at

    Cherry also lent her voice for the TOH as well as some spiels, hopefully you’d get to hear from Paul as well at mabalik ang LRF…

  14. hey guys, i just read this today. thank you so much for the support you have given us, specially me, for standing up for us and all the DJs of the old WROCK.

    I appreciate your kind efforts for putting up this column and for making it memorable for all of us.

    Again, my sincere thanks to everyone who is still there for us.

  15. its so hard to say goodbye to someone who’s always been there like WROCK. 13 years of my life i am listening to this station. I miss the old format of WROCK, friday classic, celebrity minute, and of course who will forget Lite Rock Favorites of the Week, dito sa segment na ito we feel that we have a true friend’ someone who will understand our burdens, syempre pa and tawanan, kulitan nila Kuya Paul and Ms. Cherry, pati na rin sina Dj Lianne and Dj Dylan Thomas super miss na namin kayo. To Old Wrock Management and DJ’s thank you for all the memories, i know this is “not goodbye but see you on the other side” i hope and pray that we will hearing your voices in the air soon…. God bless you all….. WROCK really ROCKS my WORLD…….

  16. i just read this now. i miss paul and cherry.

    and i really felt bad na BIGLAAN nalang silang nawala – no goodbyes or what.

    sayang ang Wrock. i mean… it brings back so many memories. i don’t really like the new format now – i stopped listening since that sunday LRF disappeared. 😦

  17. hey where can i reach wrock online? is paul and cherry still with them, i mean the online team?

  18. it’s horrible 96.3 wrock ending its way. MBC must have a brain but their not using it..terrif right. guys if you have 3 radio stations and offering same formats..pls at least for 96.3 retain the have been giving these three radio stations you are running a rubbish format.. guys if you have a sound ear…try to listen to your three radio stations…im sure you wont buy a radio just to listen to your jocks ang babakya nila…. mas mabuti pang makinig ngmp3. ..bagay sila sa AM Stations sa DZRH…96.3 the only radio station that keeps eloquence but caters the best music moods even the line-ups, we salute everything and everybody in 96.3…God, even the jingle…incomparable…. sana kahit MBC na ang may least yung mga tao ng 96.3 yun pa rin..kasi alam nila ang gusto ng mga listeners nila kaya sila tumagal at pinaglalaban ng mga listeners nila..economic wise mas kikita Kaung mga Taga-MBC sa 96.3 kung old format pa din at same guys pa din ang nasa radyo..nakakawalang gana pakinggan ang mga pinalit.. tagalog na yan para mas maintindihan nyo MBC…

  19. MBC – management nyan mga bakla, eh pakinggan mo mga radio station nila.. kainis na mga dj, puro bisaya….bwisit pa mga tugtog nila, bagay lang kay inday at kay dodong!

    MBC – Mga Bakla Cla =p

  20. wrock online ( – I have a strong vibes that paul and cherry will be back again.

  21. Pls, blik nyo tandem ni paul n cherry. I’ve been listning to rock for like 11 yrs now, only to realze na wala na pala cla. I miss my wknds lstning to them.

  22. his is Ronald from TEAM BNS just saying
    thank you for linking and promoting!
    Merry Christmas!!!
    A warm thanks from

  23. i am glad i was able to go to this site for me to know the reason why my favorite stations program have been changed. I miss the LRFW, celebrity minutes and most of all the voice of Paul, Cherry, Dylan, Martha all the dj’s of wrock. I rarely listen to wrock now because of the changes especially on the type of songs they played. Hope the new management of wrock realize what happened to the station on what they did. Wrock , the songs they played and the dj’s have been part of my life. I miss them all hope to hear them once again.

  24. ang lungkot. i was crying nung na-confirm ko na talagang wala na yung old wrock. exaggearated man ang dating, pero umiyak talaga ako. yung old radio ko naka stick lang sa 96.3 since high school. ang baduy na ng wrock ngayon, para pang robot yung mga dj. nakakalungkot talaga.

  25. ang tagal ko na nakikinig sa wrock.mapabago man or hindi.pero yung wrock ngayon, parang ang swangit magsasalita ng mga DJ hindi tulad nila DJs Lianne and Dylan….

  26. kelangan ba pati wrock gawin baduy?sinasayang ng MBC ang mga DJ nila sa walang kakwenta-kwentang updates. di na tulad ng dati, parang natural lang lahat ang pag hayag ng mga DJ tungkol puso o news. sana kahit minsan marinig tayo ng taga MBC o bingi lang talaga silang lahat kaya lalong pumapangit. ok lang sana kung mag take over at pagandahin lalo ang station pero sinisira niyo image ng wrock pati mga DJ halatang wala sa puso ang pagtrabaho. puro lang yabang mga tao.

  27. hay nakakainis talaga bakit nawala ung WROCK. It will never be the same without Paul and Cherry and other DJs. Ang baduy baduy baduy na ngayon. I swear! hope to hear from Paul and Cherry soon. I terribly miss you guys. My weekends are empty without you. 😦

  28. What could we expect but for the current 96.3 to get worse; andun na si Rey Porter ng Love Radio (who was also a disgusting jock of that ewwww station, second only to the irritating Chris Chupador-Nicole Hyala tandem) at ang pangalan na nya ngayon ay Justin Taylor.

    Sobrang BADUY to the Nth power na ang 96.3 — nabababoy lang ang WRocK brand. Sheeesh

  29. Sometimes we must always think that nothing in this world is permanent…no matter if we kept on saying nasty words to the new management. I just want to ask you guys, if you were loyal before why you can’t be loyal now? Do you think you could still find a station just like wrock before and now.

    Stop, complaining guys!!!

    If you think that the station now is baduy, you have the right to find a new one. But, I’ll dare all of you that no matter what you’ve said babalik pa rin kayo sa wrock…

    If you guys are really loyal you must accept whatever changes that happened, just like in every relationship…. if we really love the person we accept it wholeheartedly!!!

    I challenge you guys!!!

    Don’t be one sided try to weigh things on both sides.

    I owe a lot to wrock, if not because of their music im still far from recovery!!!

    More power to the old and new DJ’s you were angels sent to people who are losts in love but have learned to face the reality.

    Thank you so much…..

  30. try to think that dj’s were like actors and actresses, they have also scripts to read and deliver.

    if you’re not satisfied with them, pasensya na lang. they’re just human beings…

    i wish the best for your station

  31. Very soon, 96.3 W-Rock’s transmitter facility will be moved from Zobel Roxas (Manila) to San Miguel Avenue (Pasig) where 90.7 & 101.1 are also transmitting.

    The big question now is, will their studio complex follow suit (from Zobel Roxas to Star City)?

  32. brave you are right? we can give it a try as we always have and listen to the station and keeps going back to wrock, anyway its part of the radio frequency right?

    open ang mga tao sa changes pero hindi sa kabaduyan na ginagawa ng management niyo. wag niyong gamitin ang image ng ibang stations niyo with wrock kasi ang mga taong nakikinig ay minsan na lang makaramdam that they are home.

    just like you said, in every relationship, you accept them wholeheartedly, which we have, kaya nga we air out our sentiments to your management, BUT isn’t it also that in every relationship there are ADJUSTMENTS and ACCEPTANCE of FAULTS and CONSIDERATIONS??? in order for a relationship to work??? (just like you said, weigh things, and now we are)

    so instead of saying stop complaining which most of us have, why don’t you start LISTENING to the people like us? there is a difference between hearing us from listening to us.

  33. I’ve been a fan since high school days and it’s quite sad knowing w. rock is gone! I hope you guys realized its importance to so many people… 😦

  34. What could we expect but for the current 96.3 to get worse; andun na si Rey Porter ng Love Radio (who was also a disgusting jock of that ewwww station, second only to the irritating Chris Chupador-Nicole Hyala tandem) at ang pangalan na nya ngayon ay Justin Taylor.

    to pakshet101:
    why? what’s wrong with rey porter?
    narinig ko na po ang pangalan niya on air,
    but i haven’t really heard him on air, kamusta po ba siya on air?
    bastos po ba siya magjoke?
    pls. reply po, kasi
    i want to know
    dahil i’m quite interested with justin taylor heheh.
    ok naman po kasi ang boses niya.

  35. check nyo nalang sa wrock on its original format, at meron na ulit LRF.

  36. late na pala ako sa news! so sad!

  37. hay ang mbc nga naman wala magawa. kaisa isa na nga lang na radio station na maganda binaboy pa. i’ve been listening to this radio stations since i was 6 yrs old, and im now 30. this station has always been part of my life specially my lovelife. k lang for things to change e, but if it changes to something really bad then its really sad. i still remember they released a cd na wrock it was the best collection of songs in a cd. hay im sad. thank you Wrock for the good memories. buti na lang may internet at may live stream. sana makinig ko kayo ulit sa radio. thank you again…..

  38. hi wrock…im so sad when i found out that youre no longer in service thou. Ive been a long avid fan on your station since i was in high school. Ive longed so much to hear some filipino station here in canada. I really missed so much listening some lite rock…way back there in the philippines i always had you as my fave radio station anywhere thou im at home or in my office. It would be nice to listen to some kind of music here in canada thou, at least to unload some stress from work and minamahal sa buhay namin dyan. I really like your station so much. But sige lang, we believe that you will be doing excellent services that surprises us in the near future and so to all your valued listeners. Not goodbye wrock but CHEERS to a new life again….

  39. i miss listening to wrock most esp to paul & cherry and martha… been listening for more than 10years na… my radio is locked to their station so kapag nag-iba ng station someone touched or may pumasok sa room ko… i really like their partnership lalo sa sa LRF pati na yung three of a kind… i miss the voice of martha… sigh! hangang hayag na lang ba tayo… sana naman nagkaroon sila ng get together… i was planning pa naman to go to the station and see them kaso biglang nawala sila sa ere… so sad… kapag sat nga most of my ofcmates are listening to the LRF… imaginge… CALL CENTER LISTENING TO LRF and this is on the OPERATIONS FLOOR… i hope i could see them again and listen to their sweet voices.. laki ng nagawa nilang changes sa lives ng ibang tao… sigh!

  40. sometimes debate pa kami abt their stories kasi perspective ng boys and girls yun… i somiss their music talaga…

    sa MBC, i hope you could retain or get them back… kasi their touching not only the affluent but also the masa people.. iba kasi ang touch nila… i can’t forget one time when this guy who delivered a news… ang word is CARNEGIE… this should be pronounced as KAR-nuh-gee not kar-NEH-gee…. napatawa talaga ako dun… hay!!!

    note: may facebook ba ang mga dating DJ ng WRock?

  41. Hi mege,

    Cherry Bayle has a Facebook account. Kaso magsend ka rin ng message sa kanya and introduce yourself as a listener of the ORIGINAL WRocK, hindi un nag-aadd ng basta-basta (when I added her first she asked me “Where did we meet?”

    As for 96.3 WRocK under MBC — gumaya na rin sila, nag-Eradioportal naman tulad ng sister stations nun na Love and yes, and their jocks oh so…


  42. In my busy schedule as a middle excutive of an air transport company, it puzzled me why my fav djs (paul & cherry, dylan thomas, lianne & martha del rosario) were suddenly and simulataneously booted out of my favorite radio station, WRock. The radio in my small gym at the garage used tyo be locked at 96.3MHz. I used to enjoy listening to LRMF while doing my weekly work-out. Paul & Cherry not only entertained us, they teached us thru the advise that they share to the listeners. I have to agree that change (& death) are the only ‘constants’ in the world but at least the new owner could have made some survey before reformatting the programs. The new djocks, quality-wise, are no-match to the originals. So long Paul, Cherry, Dylan, Lianne & Martha and all the original staff of 96.3WRock. Thank you for the memories…

  43. justin taylor aka rey porter..

    samantha aka sugar of yes fm..

    daming nabago.. kung sa format ngayon, pwede na ring pagtyagaan.. kaso wala pa ring tatalo sa dating format ng WRocK, lalo na sa mga segments nila (LRF, Celebrity Minutes, Three of a Kind, etc.)..

    ayus lang sana kung under mbc na sila pero ibalik nila ang mga dating DJ ng 96.3 sa ere (paul, cherry, dylan thomas, etc.).. mas gaganahan ang tao na makinig. i believe the DJs of 96.3 now are making a conscious effort to keep tabs with the English format of spiel delivery.. kaso kulang pa rin. iba pa rin ang nakasanayan nating lahat.

  44. the new jingles at easy rock seem to follow the long tradition of melodic and emotional jingles of Wrock.

    the new jingles were bought from a company in seattle. you can listen to the jingles on a post here

  45. up to now, i still cant believe that my beloved station is no more.. im trying to appreciate easy rock, but really, wrock is still wrock.. its the best..

    i grew up with wrock, me and my sister, its like a part of me is missing now that wrock is gone.. I miss martha, dylan and of course paul and cherry.
    I love lrf.. i even listen to the replays on sundays.. I love hearing paul and cherry argue. I, too, had shared my story there.. i was so glad listening to cherry reading my story.

    It’s really sad now that they’re gone. I hope, easy rock will bring back the old wrock…

    I miss it.. terribly!!!

    Thanks wrock!!! You are the only one.. I have learned to appreciate what real music is because of you…

  46. buti na lang may net… maririnig ko na uli si paul and cherry..

  47. i tried accessing the hayag site for the original WROCK kaso ayaw na mag-connect…. 😦

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