Posted by: pakshet101 | Friday, November 21, 2008

of another burn-out and unpredictable events

Noticed that I haven’t blogged the past few days, primarily because of work demands, which is slowly making me drift to burn-out zone.

I already have resolved that the most I could do is to stay with my current role until the end of the year; after December 31st I may have to explore other horizons — stats-wise, as of this writing, I suck.

But the recent developments in the industry has left me startled and retool such thought; let alone delay my supposed visits to the CBD for those horizons to at least next week, in time for the Thanksgiving holidays.  Was particularly moved after reading this in Pex“I suggest do away yung palipat-lipat muna ng company, mas mabuti pa muna may sweldo kahit konti kaysa wala, malapit pa naman ang pasko.”

Which leaves me in a standstill for now due to unpredictable events.  (And I’m expecting another 11 1/2 workshift next week.)

Going back to unfinished business in this blog — I mean those entries that I would’ve posted when I wanted to but can’t because of all these work demands — I’m gonna show why religion and politics should never mix, at least in a smaller scale.


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