Posted by: pakshet101 | Saturday, November 22, 2008

when religion and politics should never mix

At least in the smaller scale, that is.

Taken outside our parish church premises in Bacoor, CaviteKatatapos pa lang ng pyesta nyan sa amin (like I said in my earlier post, too bad I wasn’t able to blog about what I saw then Asap), and I almost flew into a rage after seeing that the gate of what is called our House of God has been “defiled” with the colors of our good Mayor (Strike Revilla) which are yellow and blue.  (pardon the quality of the pics; I was using my Nokia N73 phone)

Sabi ng mga kapitbahay ko pati na rin ng ate at tatay ko eh donasyon daw ng Munisipyo ang pera bilang tulong sa pyesta — paano kasi kapit-tuko rin ang pari sa parokya namin kay Meyor (maski pa sasabihin ko na mabait si Meyor and I know him personally, and he is fairly doing a good job in Bacoor as opposed to his predecessor).  Kulang na lang pati rin ung buong simbahan eh ganun na rin ang kulay para magmukang barangay hall na or whatever…

Thing is, especially with those people running the show in our parish — and this applies to all religious — , there should be a line (dapat me hangganan) when it comes to such involvement — for example, in Baguio, politicians could not DIRECTLY interefere with church activities; they could only do so much as parishioners and not anything else above it (even those Happy Fiesta posters like the one in the photos are banned in church premises per Bishop Cenzon).  Besides, everything considered church property is considered private property isn’t it?

Can you spot the difference between those photos and this one (evidently except the poster I guess)?

Photo from a href=

Photo from Master Betong’s blog

I’m sure the God above is not amused over this one…


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