Posted by: pakshet101 | Friday, December 5, 2008

this is how bf loves us so much

How retarded it is to mix a heart with a hammer (maso) and BF’s fave flower…uncharacteristic of Christmas.

Just an addition to the oh-so-many eyesores on the Metro roads.



  1. ouch. dalawang linggo lang ako nawala sa EDSA, eto pala aabutan ko sa lunes pag balik ko ng opis? ewwww…

  2. p.s. i should have brought home that barf bag from the plane…

  3. It has been on the streets for weeks. Baka nga sa amin sa Bacoor maglagay rin sya ng ganyan; he already considers Bacoor a part of his jurisdiction (much to the chagrin of the town mayor Strike Revilla who happens to be his ka-alyansa as well under the Glueria administration).

    Up next in this blog: action pics of the sidewalk clearing boys in Bacoor and Imus, both in Cavite.

    And thanks for the props pala sa blog mo =)

  4. Vote for change. Vote for BF. It’s never too late for us Filipinos.

  5. If you want change — it’s anyone but the lapdogs of Gloria, BF included.

    I’m even surprised that this anti-BF post has become a campaign thread for the oh-so-loved MMDA boss…hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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