Posted by: pakshet101 | Tuesday, January 13, 2009

better late than never this 2009

(A vantage view of the city as taken from my hospital room on January 3, 2009).

As they always say, it’s better late than never.  In my humble opinion, it’s always the case whenever I blog.

But it’s no laughing matter because I started the 2009 calendar year at the wrong foot; that is, being confined at the hospital on the first weekend of the yearm, while I closed my tenure with my last company.  Oh another incidence of a seemingly not-so-pleasant end in a chapter of my life.  Worse, some shit happened during my stay which complicated my situation back then, though I don’t want to dwell about it further at this point.

Yet, although my 2009 would officially begin this Thursday (January 15th), I look at it with renewed hope and anticipation that it would be a better year for me in all facets of my life.  (I should have said that on January 1st, but then again illness struck me since Christmas, and I should say I’m still recovering from that though.)

Nevertheless, from me, HAPPY 2009 TO ALL OF US!!!


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