Posted by: pakshet101 | Friday, April 17, 2009

overkill: pnp & doj (and some people) do the damnest things

First up, lemme express my condolences to the Etong family — especially to Ted Failon — for the loss of his wife Trina.

But in the midst of the all-of-a-sudden media circus surrounding this suicide incident which has started since yesterday (I was in Dagupan City following the kick-off of the Dagupan Bangus Fiesta 2009 when news broke out), it should be noted that what stood out up to now is how the national police — specifically the Quezon City Police District — has been handling the case from the first instance.

And they’re handling it poorly, just like how they handled high-profiles cases with the result of an epic failure.  What else can we expect from what should’ve been considered as the protector of the common tao?

A replay of the scenes that led to the arrest of Ted Failon’s kin clearly shows that t here has been overkill by the police.  I would even singlehandedly think that what happened to them effectively turned the tide in this situation, leading to Trina’s death (look at the minute differential between the arrests and her death; it’s not even an hour).  Para bang ano bang gustong ipalabas ng pulis dito — nagsalita na ang pamilya ni TF lalo na ang anak nito na si Kaye — na suicide attempt ito, and yet these policemen are doing their very best to show that the broadcaster is the prime suspect behind all this and are furthering the “foul play” theory as if gusto nilang ipilit iyon sa taumbayan.

To make the already-bad matter worse, etong si Injustice Secretary Raul “Siraulo” Gonzales sumasakay pa.  Especially when he strongly echoed the police theory that the entire Etong household are suspects in the matter (epekto siguro ito ng gamot sa dialysis?  Why of all people he would dare conclude that when the police are still investigating the matter?  And who is he to judge — anyway he judges those who oppose his master as “enemies of the State”).  Can’t he just shut up, quit concluding and just let his underlings do their jobs?

Isama na dyan ang mga le*heng network war fanatics na sumasawsaw sa isyu sa Pinoyexchange.comwala na nga kayong amor mga pakyu kayo!

Kung pwede ba, sana ay bigyan natin ng konting katahimikan ang pamilya Etong — let us leave them for a while so they grieve for this loss…then we all can talk sh*t and all these conspiracy theories after they bury Trina, but let’s still continue nitpicking though on the epic fail of the QCPD in handling the case…they just slapped their faces once again in front of the public, and us watching this mess go out of hand.

Since the update erupted last night, there have been varied reactions in the blogosphere.  Blogger Tonyo Cruz hit the nail right on its head with his blog:

“…This is only the latest in a long string of acts of police brutality, cruelty and abuse that are embedded in our minds. (This is perhaps one of the reasons why many Filipinos love the CSI programs on free TV and cable. We pine for a competent, thinking police force capable of solving crime. We are sick and tired of the bumbling cops faithfully portrayed in the movies — corrupt, pot-bellied or arrives at the crime scene only after the assailants have fled. We can only dream now as we watch those CSI programs and crime and suspense channels on cable.)”



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  2. […] a sampling of public opinion can be found in Smoke, in Purpose Driven Paul, and Now What, Cat? in pakshet 101 and Touched by an […]

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