Posted by: pakshet101 | Tuesday, April 21, 2009

no postscript on the cat-killer issue

Just when everyone was abuzz on the first few hours following the death of the wife of broadcaster Ted Failon (which I maintain is suicide and not anything else) on April 16, the Philippine blogosphere was busy tending to something else.  It was when news broke out regarding a blog post chronicling the escapade of Joseph Carlo Candare aka JC, an Applied Physics major from the University of the Philippines Diliman-National Institute of Physics , and it was in what he termed as his “fourth epic failure” that he had the gall to tell the whole world that he managed to stomp over and kill a young cat out of his inexplicable hatred to the feline species and found the satisfaction to release it by doing it (note that he said it wasn’t his first time to do it).  (Us people in the blogosphere already know what he initially said narrating that act)

Reactions to this act spread like wildfire, from condemnation of the act to virtual crucifixion of the person who commtied this (it was so much for the “hate the act, not the person” thingy) — and some of the comments have actually gone overboard, despite himissuing a public apology on his Multiply blog (taken down as well by the offender due to humiliation and possible depression after so much have reacted against what he did):

Humihingi po talaga ako ng tawad sa mga ginawa ko. Wala akong maidadahilan sa ginawa ko. Hindi po ako nagpakita online dahil hindi ko na alam kung ano ang aking gagawinIto na ang huling pagkakataong gagawa ako ng blog...Hindi na po ako muling mananakit ng mga pusa.. Magkaroon man po akong muli ng pagnanais, gagawin ko po ang lahat para ito’y pigilan… Hindi ko na po alam kung ano ang dapat kong sabihin sa inyo ngunit sana’y dumating ang panahon na makita nyo na pong sinsero po ako sa mga mensaheng ito… patawad po..

A page in the Yoopee (UP) Multiply site (which has been taken down as of this writing, but was still active yesterday when I last checked the Net) was solely dedicated to him; I am now posting its cached version (final cache as of yesterday, with 600+ comments including the ensuing flame wars).

Within 48 hours from the time it first broke out through someone’s Plurk it was really talked-about in the blogosphere especially with the overoard comments and even comments from suspected fake or strawman Multiply accounts (they were even suspected that they’re one and the same with the offender) defending the action, surpassing the supposed rage of the people over the overboard handling by the pulis patolas on the Ted Failon wife suicide case and her subsequent death.  Those replies resulted into more rage against JC instead of helping him in this matter.  I must admit even back then that the purpose why that was posted was to make everyone aware of that dastardly act to an animal which made this qualified as a violation of Republic Act 8485 which could merit JC jail time or at worst expulsion from the NIP.

This issue also graced Pinoy blogs, some of which:  (his follow-up of above post)  (blog post asking for everyone’s sobriety in the light of this issue, as written by bloger extraordinaire Noemi Dado — after all she has a point here)  (blog chronicling how this incident spread like wildfire in the online Pinoy communities from a marketng perspective)

But inspite of the issue dying down a bit days ater it first appeared (the original Yoopee post has been removed and the offender’s apologes removed as well due to those flame war), the final postscript is indeed far from over.  The University has launched an investigation over the incident and would also determine what sanction will they mete out on JC Candare, as well as animal rights activist spearheaded by the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (Paws) going all-out to prosecute this guy and raise the public’s level of awareness on the Animal Welfare Act.  This said, we shall be waiting for the next chapter of this telenovela that would’ve been titled “I killed a Schrodinger’s cat” (in JC Candare’s words).



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