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where I don’t feel the long weekend…and other random musings

I’m back.  (Thankfully)

First up, it’s been days since I was granted a temporary furlough from the shackles of controlled career life.  But realizing that time is of the essence and at the same time the competition is getting tougher and tougher with more and more people getting added to that cesspool of those wanting to have a 9-to-5 job, I must get my act together at most by the end of this long vacay.

Which makes me think that as of my current state, I won’t be able to appreciate this longvacay which is mutually good for employees, primarily because the pay gets doubled.  [Oh for this week alone we’re set to two long vacays, first due to the Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valor) holiday which was moved tomorrow, and then the usual Holy Week celebrations, the only one of its kind in the world.]  Sheesh had I not done my personal furlough, I would’ve appreciated it — I badly needed it at the least just like anyone else.

By the way I am currently posting from the comfort of my own home, in my bedroom.  Thanks to the fast connection of Globe Broadband Tattoo, and I was right all along in saying that it’s better than Smart Bro — as one forumer elsewhere said, let’s put it this way:  if Smart Bro’s worse, Globe Broadband Tattoo’s bad.  (Made me at first LOL on this, but at some extent it’s true, and I could testify with this statement — only that I can’t say anything bad yet about Globe Broadband though.)  And yet another good thing about this is that I could listen to online radio at fast speeds just through mobro, which is just proof that it boils down in choosing the right brand (the clincher:  my textpal who works as a nurse in Dagupan said that despite living in a place where Smart has a wide signal reach, she could only decently use Smart Bro in the wee hours of the morning.)

And since today is a Sunday, lemme get a copy of today’s papers, check the CC forums in and have my arse moving so I won’t stay in a rut.

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Today, it would be two weeks since I bade goodbye to my third decade of existence in this world, and welcomed what I deem as my take on the Mid-life Crisis which is very applicable to me.

Why did I think of that?  It’s because, after personal introspection:

1)  I still haven’t accomplished anything major that really defined me especially for the entirety of my employed life — I’m just a bad-arsed bloke, so to say
2)  My career is still on a rut (see current Facebook, Plurk & Twitter status as well as below update)
3)  I am still technically single, of which my most recent relationship ended in a way which is never desired by someone in his/her right frame of mind — death of the significant other
4)  I am approaching burn-out stage — er, already burnt-out.

Needless to say, instead of me celebrating it (ideally), I have sworn that I do away with celebrating birthdays publicly (except with family I guess, I still owe them a day-out or night-out) until I deem that I have done anything to arrest what I’ve been feeling lately…

Well, it may be odd for most, thinking that at this age it should have been the pinnacle of success, but for me, I am still nada.  Nil.  Zilch.  Wala. Just like any insignificant speck in this world of make-believe, especially where perception is reality and where being matiryoso is the name of the game despite the crisis.

This said — I deem myself to have reached the mid-life crisis.  This article best suits me and my situation.


To make matters worse in the shortest term, I have decided to end The Experiment, which I entered after leaving Company D at the beginning of the year.  I just felt that because of some factors — especially performance — that drove me to do the thing (this has something to do with the stats), as well as the matter of trusting certain people when it comes to work (overtime I have learned to NEVER put my trust with people at work except only with MYSELF and my capabilities), I have to stop being a “mad scientist” and take a break.  One of the past demons has haunted me as well, if I were to say it in devil’s advocate mode.

For formality’s sake, I am to go back to the portals of The Experiment Hub in the area which used to be a military reservation most likely later to hand over the missive with which they can’t do anything about it, but that text message sent by the echelon just this evening seems to be like something alarmist in nature.  But I won’t be cowed with this, and I am standing firm with it.

Who cares about the crisis and the subsequent lack of opportunities here, there are still some of them though.  For me, it’d be a matter of tiyaga — to quote that old Filipino saying, kapag may tiyaga, may nilaga.  To quote that U2 song, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for as of date, but I hope this gets reversed in weeks.

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better late than never this 2009

(A vantage view of the city as taken from my hospital room on January 3, 2009).

As they always say, it’s better late than never.  In my humble opinion, it’s always the case whenever I blog.

But it’s no laughing matter because I started the 2009 calendar year at the wrong foot; that is, being confined at the hospital on the first weekend of the yearm, while I closed my tenure with my last company.  Oh another incidence of a seemingly not-so-pleasant end in a chapter of my life.  Worse, some shit happened during my stay which complicated my situation back then, though I don’t want to dwell about it further at this point.

Yet, although my 2009 would officially begin this Thursday (January 15th), I look at it with renewed hope and anticipation that it would be a better year for me in all facets of my life.  (I should have said that on January 1st, but then again illness struck me since Christmas, and I should say I’m still recovering from that though.)

Nevertheless, from me, HAPPY 2009 TO ALL OF US!!!

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maligayang pasko!

Ika nga ng kanta…

Pasko, pasko, pasko na namang muli…

Sa totoo lang, dahil sa sobrang pagod na parang talo ko na ang kalabaw sa trabaho eh kahapon ko lang naramdaman na Pasko na nga naman. Ni sa totoo lang hindi pa ako tapos sa Christmas shopping ni ung mga bibigyan ko ng regalo mula sa personal hanggang sa monito-monita na later this week pa itutuloy dahil sa sari-saring kademonyohan, dahil nga ang isinasaisip ko ay ang todo pang pagkayod na wala na halos pahinga (at sa kasawiang-palad ay me sakit pa ako ngayong mismong Pasko)

Iniisip ko na lang ay ang tunay na esensya ng Pasko ay hindi ang pagiging matiryoso, kundi ang talagang diwa ng Pasko na ating dapat isapuso — pagkakaisa, pagmamahalan, pakikipagkapwa, kawanggawa, at higit sa lahat pananalig.

Mula sa kaibuturan ng aking puso:



Now here’s something worth sharing especially now that it’s Christmas Day, taken from this compound blog:

Mga Maling Asal Ngayong Kapaskuhan…

1. Pagkakayurin at gagamitin ang mga bata na mangaroling o maglimos para magkapera. Ito ay isang uri nang child abuse. Yung iba walang pakialam kahit na magkasakit at sipunin na yung bata.

2. Magsi-sing-along/Mag-kakaraoke o videoke/Magic Sing o Magkakantahan kahit na mabingi ang natutulog na kapitbahay- yung iba alas Dos na kumakanta pa- Putragis- buti kung tama yung lyrics eh- yung iba nga wala pa sa tono…Ano tawag dito? Alarms and Scandals!

3. Gagawing dahilan ang Pasko para Mag-inuman. Yung iba nga paiiyakin pa yung anak nila- paano- ginawang pulutan si Bantay….ngek…

4. Gagawing nang hindi maganda- tapos gagamitin ang Pasko- para sa “peace talks” Oo nga na panahon ang Pasko para magbalikan mga tao- humingi nang patawad- kaso yung iba talagang abuso- Kumbaga aapakan ka tapos magsosorry kasi Pasko nga naman….

5. Yung mag-aarbor nang gamit tapos makikita mo na lang sa Pasko- suot suot yung paborito mong sweater…

6. Yung gagawing parang ATM yung nanggaling sa abroad…”Ay dumating na si Kuya—“ “Ay Kuya paki-sagot naman yung bill namin sa cable oh” “Pati yung kuryente na rin, ehehehe…atsaka pag may natira pa— pati yung bill na rin nang tubig”….

7. Yung mga tinatawag na “Raiders of the Lost Ark” mga kamag-anak na bigla na lang magsusulputan kasi may niluto ka…Yung iba nga ang kapal eh- pupunta punta utasan ka pang magluto…what the fuck? “Uh punta tayo kina-Mader—-duon tayo mag-Noche Buena!!!!”

8. Yung mangungutang tapos gagawing palusot ang Pasko- kung bakit di pa sila magbayad—

9. Yung gagawing parking ang kalsada na halos wala nang makadaan- at titignan pa yung mga di makadaan nang masama na “Aber-?”

10. Yung gagamitin ang panahon na ito para mang-abuso- tulad nang mga abusadong mga tsuper, taxi driver, etcetera- etcetera….

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let us all get even at the global shithead

After last week’s shoe-throwing incident involving the outgoing global hegemon, er, shithead George W. Bush and an Iraqi mediaperson, flash games have sprouted across the web which is encouraging us to follow the lead of the crusading Iraqi dude and get even at this global failure.  (Heck latest reports even say that this Iraqi mediaperson received a beating at the hands of authorities as punishment, a way for these beasts to kowtow to Bush and his wanker allies)

Just go to these websites:

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a sign in a hospital ER says:

Reading between the lines:

If you can’t wait for your turn, then better ship out and go elsewhere!.

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of catching fire and daybreak

I happened to pass by Remedios in Manila earlier this morning and chanced upon a man (who seems to be a barangay kagawad per his jacket) who caught fire on his jacket, and too bad I was not able to snap a pic of the man while with fire — the dude on the left has doused the flame on this pic.

And here’s a daybreak shot of Remedios, since we’re approcahing a Friday — the last of the pre-Christmas Friday at that…

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when frats do serve their purpose

Taken outside the church premises in the town proper of Bauan, Batangas. By the looks of it, it’s a project of the Tau Gamma Phi fraternity instead of a goddamned politico. At least kesa naman puro rambol lang ang inaatupag ng mga ganyan.

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mmda in bacoor — pics

Sa wakas maipo-post ko na rin itong mga kuha ko ng pagtatrabaho ng mga tauhan ng Sidewalk Clearing Ops ng MMDA sa Bacoor.  Nataong sinimulang-muli nila ang pagtatrabaho nilang yan sa labas lang ng subdivision namin.

Talagang dumating nang muli ang MMDA sa bayan ng Bacoor.  After months of not being present to clear obstructions along Aguinaldo Highway as part of its supposed help to the Cavite provincial government on that road-widening project to be undertaken from Bacoor all the way to Tagaytay City, there they are again, to the chagrin of the people at our munisipyo led by Mayor Strike Revilla who is not welcome to MMDA’s assistance on this end (he was even quoted by one co-resident of our place as saying “What’s MMDA’s business to do it in our town (Bacoor)?  They should know that Bacoor is literally not part of Metro Manila, and they can’t do this even if it’s a presidential project.”).

Teka nga kung ganon na lang ang muhi ng mga nasa Munisipyo sa ginagawang ito ng MMDA eh bakit nakita ko nuon ung isang trak ng Engineering na nasa site kasama ng mga tauhan ng MMDA?

EDIT: Hindi na lang pala sa Bacoor nagtatrabaho ang road clearing ops ng MMDA, pati na rin sa Imus. Photo taken by chance while inside the bus as I was on my way to Pala-Pala; they’re in the process of demolishing another waiting shed.

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and the pekyaw hype saga continues…

Glueria’s Number 1 toy Pekyaw once again dominated the boxing scene by disposing of Golden Boy Oscar de la Hoya in their “Dream Match” Saturday night.

I lost my bet.  Waaaaah.  Malaki-laki rin ung ipinusta ko, talo na naman ako for the nth time.  Kala ko kasi mapuputol na ang hype sa kanya after long last.

I am no fan of his as of this moment — and will never be a fan again unlike five years ago, owing to his being willingly used by Glueria boys — but I should admit that he is simply the best pound-for-pound boxer despite the fact that he is somewhat a false symbol of national unity for me.

What I will never forget about him in that fight was not only how he dominated the ageing De La Hoya in all eight rounds, but his newest sablay answer on his post-fight interview with HBO’s Larry Merchant:

Photo from The Professional Heckler blog

Photo from The Professional Heckler blog

“I’d like to thank the people…and the Vice President of the Philippines (Noli De Castro), and to Governor Chavit Singson, and to all the congressmen and all the mayors here tonight…”

Nothing new…mga Kampi boys nga unang nagsiakyatan sa ring after the DLH surrender.  Balato money after junking the impeachment complaint against the fake president of the land in the offing, eh?  Or is it that Pekyaw said it because he is beholden to these pieces of shit in our country more than the people who cheered for him in that fight?

Sidenote: Buti na lang wala kahapon sa Vegas si First Baboy Mike Arrovo.  If that happened isang masigabong BOOOOO ang dapat para dun sa demonyong yan.

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